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The secrets of style and beauty of Sofia Vergara
The secrets of style and beauty of Sofia Vergara

Fashion, diet, make-up and hair: here are the best style and beauty secrets to copy in Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara brought a breath of Latin freshness to Hollywood, conquering everyone with her curves but above all with her sympathy.

Not only because for years she has been among the protagonists of Modern Family, one of the most awarded, fun and long-lived sitcoms in history, but also for its spontaneity and self-irony in everyday life.

Ingredients that combined with its beauty make it irresistible, in the eyes of men but also of women who take it as an example.

At the age of 45 the Colombian actress boasts a girlish skin and a toned and harmonious physique.

Like? We explain it step by step.

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Skin care

«With the work I do I always have to keep up. I'm older now and I have to use products that are good for my skin.

I try to drink plenty of watera and I never go out and then never without sunscreen, because I don't want to tan anymore.

When I can I make gods facial treatments - not as often as I should, but I try.

And if I hear that someone speaks well of a product, I buy it. I like to try everything.

I love beauty products, I love makeup and I try to take care of myself as much as I can ».

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Make up

“I like wearing makeup. I would never leave the house without makeup. Even if it's just a little bit of blush on the cheekbones.

I feel awful if I don't

I often use CoverGirl LashBlast 24 Hour Mascara

All my life I have used the same type of shades because they were the ones that worked best on my face.

I used to use black eyeliner, now I prefer brown eyeliner, because it is less strong ».

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Beauty Must Have

If you asked a Sofia Vergara she would die of giving up her beauty products, as she herself stated.

But if he were to be on a desert island and he could carry only one product, has no doubts:

«Crème de la Mer. I have my own little box so I can take it with me when I travel.

I've been using it for a long time, even before the recommended period. I believe in prevention. Because once the skin gives way, it has given way.

Then I always wear mascara because otherwise my natural lashes would be blond ».

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Strange to say, Sofia Vergara is a natural blonde, even if it has always been darkens her hair for a more Latin look:

“I had dark hair and blond roots, it looked like I was bald. I had to dye them very often. Now I have lightened them and it is easier to manage them.

My hair is straight, therefore I use iron to create the waves, but I can not put too many products, otherwise they become heavy and do not keep the movement.

I only use shampoo, conditioner and hairspray »

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Sofia Vergara's diet

“I eat chicken, fish and turkey, but not red meat

In my culture every type of event is marked by food, so it's a constant struggle for me to try to resist temptation.

I allow myself a few breaks only on weekends. I try to start eating well again on Monday, but on Thursday it is already hard to keep the agreements.

I love sweets, they are my undoing. During the week I also try to limit the consumption of wine, but I do what I want on the weekend ».

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Physical activity

«I realized the importance of playing sports too late

In Colombia, where I grew up, there is no real exercise culture e I've never had too much fun going to the gym.

I'm not one of those obsessed people who wake up at 4am to train, but I try to exercise at least three times a week.

It's not something I like to dobut I've learned to accept that physical activity is part of my life and my work ».

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Sofia Vergara's style

The Colombian actress she is not one of those stars you would risk not recognizing if you met her on the street.

In fact, it is difficult to meet it with a scruffy look, because thinks exactly like Gloria, his character in Modern Family:

“I like to feel good and well dressed. I don't like going out in overalls or with garments like this, it's not my style.

Even if I only had jeans and a t-shirt I'd wear heels and nice jewelry or a cute bag.

I believe you can be comfortable and casual but still be sexy by and large".

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