How to choose the corrector for dark circles
How to choose the corrector for dark circles

Expert advice on how to understand the origin of dark circles and choose the right shade and texture of your concealer.

Widespread problem and often erroneously linked to lack of sleep, the eye bags they are actually due to several causes that are not limited only to fatigue and stress. In addition to attenuating them with specific skincare products, covering them with the right make-up is essential: concealers in different textures, sticks, liquids, pods, are therefore essential to give the look freshness and a rested look.

“The causes of dark circles are mainly 3: the hypermelanosis, that is, a high percentage of melanin concentrated in the pericular area; vascular factors caused by irregular blood microcirculation. Finally, the third factor is it stress, smoking and an unhealthy diet "explains Maurizio Calabrò, National Make-Up Artist NARS Cosmetics, who recommends suitable methods, textures and colors according to the problem.

Soft Matte Complete Concealer Nars

In pods, this concealer is one of the new borns of Nars, it gives greater coverage and a very natural effect without weighing it down. The extra advice: “Its ability is also to reflect light, giving brightness to the eyes, as well as containing peptides that stimulate hyaluronic acid and collagen so as to reduce the appearance of wrinkles; inside there are also vitamins A, C and E that protect the area "explains the make-up artist.

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Precious Light GuerlainInside, golden pigments, myrrh extract and lifting and smoothing active ingredients that give a rested look to the eye, giving it brightness.The extra advice: "Once the cause of the dark circles has been identified, we proceed to choose the correct shade: in the case of hypermelanosis, the dark circles tend to be blue-violet and to counter them yellow-lilac-orange correctors are used in order to cancel the dominant color" he continues the make-up artist.


Lock It Concealer Creme Kat Von DExtremely pigmented, Kat Von D's concealer moisturizes and covers, hiding wrinkles, imperfections and redness in the lower eye area. Among the shades, even the "White Out" which intensifies blush, lipstick or lightens the foundation.


High Precision Retouch Giorgio ArmaniWith an eye-liner brush, so as to be as precise as possible, this concealer has an ultra light and luminous texture.The most advice: “In the presence of vascular factors, on the other hand, red predominates and to counteract dark circles, green is recommended, a shade suitable for very fair skin. Finally, if we talk about tiredness and fatigue, the dark circles will be grayish. That's why pink and beige can be used to correct them, so as to illuminate a tired face”explains Maurizio Calabrò.

High Precision Retouch

Boing Conceler Benefit It is the specific collection of Benefit concealers and concealers, available from June and composed of different types of textures and products so as to adapt to all needs.The extra advice: "The texture of the product is essential and before proceeding with the purchase of a concealer it is important to assess whether it is suitable for your skin type: for normal-mixed skin the corrector will be fluid, for dry ones in cream while oily epidermis they prefer the concealer in powder or cream with a mousse-matt effect”specifies the expert.


Erborian Touch PenInside, the gotu kola that helps smooth the skin so as to even out the epidermal complexion without weighing it down. Camouflages dark circles, blemishes and fatigue.


BB Mate Contouring Dr.Jart +Composed of 40% natural ingredients, it has an SPF30 protection factor and a liquid-creamy texture that guarantees a silky finish.The extra advice: "Before applying the make-up, it is necessary to prepare the skin through an appropriate skincare routine using non-aggressive cleansers, especially around the eyes, and then moisturize the face" advised by Nars.

Dr Jart_BB Contouring Kit product+box

Aqua Luminous Perfecting Concealer BeccaWater-based, it allows you to cover imperfections in a modulable way, from light to medium, as well as illuminating the complexion.


Corrector Ellis FaasIt is composed of shea oil and rice wax, vitamins C and E so as to moisturize and prevent the appearance of wrinkles, hides discoloration, imperfections, spots and signs of aging.

ELLIS FAAS Concealer

Éclat Lumière ChanelAttenuates signs of fatigue, is easily applied and does not dry out the eye contour thanks to the derivatives of sugar and amino acids.The extra advice: "The concealer can then be worked on the area with the hands by first distributing a small amount from the nasal cavity, where the eye is created, spreading it outwards by tapping. Or you can use the brush alternating between short tampons and fluid coats, always from the inside out, "explains the expert.


Flawless Finish Correcting and Highlighting Perfector Elizabeth ArdenEnhances cheekbones and eye contour, erasing all defects and giving a rested look to the eye. The formula allows you to apply the product in several layers according to the intensity you want to achieve.

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Anticernes Professionel T. Le ClercIn stick, it has an extremely creamy texture that allows you to work the product even with your fingers.

Correttore Anti-cernes T.Le Clerc

Smoothing and Brightening Concealer SephoraThe formula is rich in hyaluronic acid and light pigments that reflect, refresh, hide and illuminate while the 9 shades also include semi-tones so as to adapt to all needs.The extra advice: "The most common mistake is to exaggerate with the quantity of the product applied, making the final effect absolutely unnatural: the excess tends to highlight the small imperfections, amplifying their visibility to those who observe us closely" warns Maurizio Calabrò.

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MakeupStudio Corrector Zero Dark Circles and Imperfections Diego Dalla PalmaHigh coverage and long-lasting, the formula adheres completely to the epidermis so as to create a protective barrier and smooth the area. The active ingredients counteract bags, dark circles and fatigue.

DF10711_MKS_correttore zero occhiaie e imperfezioni

& Other Stories Concealer Quad Dyneema LightThe quartet allows you to create the perfect shade for each one, guaranteeing coverage, brightness and homogeneity. The extra advice: “Remember, to fix everything you always need a veil of powder” warns the make-up artist.

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All About Eyes Concealer CliniqueIt does not leave streaks or settle on fine lines, it also masks dark circles and helps reduce subocular swelling.

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Under Eye Primer Wycon CosmeticsIt is a corrective base that can be used under the concealer, so as to intensify the result, or alone.The extra advice: "Once the skincare base has been created, proceed with using a specific primer for the eye contour" explains the expert.

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Toleriane Teint Pinceau La Roche PosayIn stick, it spreads on the eye and is specific for fair skin.

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BioNike Defense Color Anti-BlemishIt camouflages all imperfections, from dark circles to pimples, and illuminates the shaded areas so as to rejuvenate and make the eyes more radiant. The texture is creamy and soft.The extra advice: "If you want to further enhance your gaze, you can create natural shadows by using a darker shade concealer on the hollow between the fixed and mobile eyelids. Then, an illuminating concealer is always applied to the mobile eyelid and under the browbone for an extremely natural look "concludes the make-up artist.

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