The scented waters and body oils to try now
The scented waters and body oils to try now

Discover the perfumed waters perfect for refreshing and the ideal oils to deeply nourish the skin

Fragrant but not intrusive, nourishing but quickly absorbed so as not to be heavy on the skin: the scented waters and body oils are perfect for summer.

Waters and oils are designed specifically for the hottest season: first of all they can be sprayed all over the body, not simply limited to the classic areas used for fragrances. In the case of the more oily textures they are also very nourishing for the skin. An extra help after sun exposure when you need more hydration. Finally, the concentration of the fragrance is lower than in the classic eau de toilette thanks to the absence of alcohol.

The extra detail? The chosen notes: jasmine, mango, verbena, lavender, coconut, ylang-ylang and marine scents that recall the scents of the holidays.

Eau des Vignes Caudalie Last chapter of the body waters that reproduce a French landscape, Eau des Vignes is the memory of July afternoons in the countryside. Inside, iris, sage and pink pepper.

Caudalie Eau des Vignes

& Other Stories Cœur Léger Body MistLight and tender thanks to rose, peony and vanilla, the new Body Mist by & Other Stories is sprayed all over the body and can also be mixed with the others.

& Other Stories_Body Mist_Coeur Léger

Hydrating Setting Mist ColorescienceDesigned for those who often travel by plane, this body water has a very nourishing and soothing function, also ideal for calming any redness on the skin. It also performs an exfoliating and renewing action.

COLORESCIENCE – Hydrating Setting Mist HD

Egg Mousse Body Oil Too Cool for SchoolA mousse texture with a slightly oily texture once on the skin, it offers plenty of hydration thanks to the ingredients inside, eggs, butter and oil.

Too Cool For School_EGG MOUSSE BODY OIL_

Panarea Wycon Scented WaterInside, fruity notes, cedar and apple, which combine with a floral-spicy heart thanks to magnolia and ginger. After all, the bamboo that gives something sensual.


Mediterranean Fruity AvenueDesigned for those who need a fresh and fun fragrance, notes of watermelon and kiwi are combined with jasmine, peach and sandalwood.

flacone viale fruttato

Terracotta- Huile Sous le Vent GuerlainGuerlain dry oil has a nourishing action and is designed not only for the body but also for the face and hair. The fragrance contains the typical notes of the season reminiscent of the sea and the beach.


Posidonia Maressentia Moisturizing Body WaterIdeal for the summer season, the ingredient is oceanic posidonia, a particular seaweed from the Egadi Islands that has an anti-aging and anti-stain function. Inside there is also aloe, moisturizing and soothing.

Maressentia | Posidonia | Olio Corpo Antietà

Ylang Roger & GalletFresh and vaguely exotic, the Ylang-scented water dedicated to the Asian flower.


Yes Huile Giorgio ArmaniReal scented oil, it recalls the famous perfume and is applied near the elbows, the lumbar area, behind the neck and knees.

Sì Huile de Parfum

Voile satin pour le Corps et les Cheveux diptyqueJasmine absolute is the star of this oil suitable for hair and body that illuminates and nourishes in depth. It also has an anti-aging action and envelops the body thanks to the aroma of honey.


Fiorentina Creed waterOily texture for the version of Acqua Fiorentina rich in omega3 so as to decongest and anti-inflammatory. Inside, Virginia cedar, roses and carnation.


Lavender Extra Herbalist Magentina It relaxes the body and mind, which is why it is especially suitable for the evening. Lavender Extra has calming and soothing properties thanks to the essential oil of lavender contained within.


Hydra Density Mist Hylamide Tasmanian pepper, tea polyphenols and rose extracts are part of this extra moisturizing treatment for the skin that helps retain more hyaluronic acid so as to immediately hydrate the epidermis.


Invigorating Body Mist L'Occitane en ProvenceCitrus and verbena extracts for the invigorating water of L’Occizzante that gives freshness to the body.

thumbnail_Invigorating Body Mist VERBENA AGRUMI_L’Occitane

Fresh Mango Body Perfume AquolinaWith anti-stress power thanks to the relaxing essential oils contained within, the fragrances are many and among the most summery there is certainly Fresh Mango.

thumbnail_Selectiva – Aquolina – EDT_mango_fresco

15 Fruit BionikeMultifunctional, this oil moisturizes, nourishes and protects both skin and hair. The fragrance is based on fruit notes and is rich in vitamins A and E and antioxidant active ingredients.

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