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Everything there is to know about Shawn Mendes
Everything there is to know about Shawn Mendes

Successful teen idol, Shawn Mendes is gaining fame (not only) with his music: we present him between career, family and private life

Whether it's for the voice, the sweet face or both of these (plausible) reasons, Shawn Mendes dominates the international music scene undisputed.

Born in 1998, the Canadian singer-songwriter achieved success before the age of majority: at only 14 years old gets over a million views in just a few months on Vine by releasing some covers. The following year, with the first single Life of the Party, is the youngest artist to finish in top 25 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Overwhelmed by success, but also by a river of fans who follow him (or rather, chase him) around the world in the hope of having his autograph or taking a selfie with him, wherever he arrives is the delusion among millennials.

Proof? The confusion generated in Milan when as a special guest Shawn attended the Emporio Armani fashion show, to then move to the Armani store in via Manzoni for the launch of the first collection of touchscreen smartwatches.

Precisely on that occasion, with a horde of teenagers in raptures and the Milanese traffic on tilt, we met him and below we will tell you everything about Shawn Mendes, successes, family, passions beyond music… as well as a couple of (certain) curiosities that he revealed to us during the meeting.

Shawn Mandes teen idol cantautore musicista testimonial Armani Connected smartwatch

Shawn Mendes: age, height, particular signs

First name Shawn Peter Raul Mendes

Date and place of birth was born on August 8, 1998 in Toronto, Canada

Zodiac sign Lion

Height 1, 80 m for 75 kg

Particular signs a smile that would make anyone swoon, very pale complexion on a beautiful oval face softened by perfect features.

Its strong points a thrilling voice, a sweet soul and the ability to sing "true" love made up of joys and disappointments.

A self-taught talent He learned to play the guitar on his own at the age of 13. Really a little genius!

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Family, childhood, education

The family Dad Manuel Mendes is a Portuguese entrepreneur from the Algarve, mom Karen is an English real estate agent. Shawn has a younger sister, Aaliyah Mendes (above, pictured alongside her).

Childhood Shawn grew up in Pickering, where he attended Pine Ridge Secondary School.

Adolescence After graduation, in the face of the success that overwhelms him, he continues to study with private teachers, via Skype. Shawn loves studying - but not all subjects. He learns to play the guitar on his own, speaks French and Spanish, writes the lyrics of his songs. Yet it seems that at school he was not exactly a model pupil.

Six seconds to fame In 2013 Shawn became famous on the web by publishing the covers of some songs on Vine. In just a few months, it gets more than a million views. In August 2014 he was Vine's third most followed musician.

Shawn Mandes teen idol cantautore musicista curiosita testimonial Armani Connected smartwatch

Discography and collaborations

The first single by Shawn Mendes Life of Party came out in 2014 and quickly entered the top 25 of the US Billboard Hot 100 (in 24th position).

Shawn Mendes on tour as a member of the MagCon Tour (Meet and Great Convention) he takes part in the Austin Mahone national tour, collaborates with the band The Vamps on the album Meet The Vamps and participates in participates in Oh Cecilia.

Worldwide success Shawn conquers the international music scene with the single Stitches, the third from the album Handwritten (released on April 14, 2015). The single, released on May 5, 2015, reaches the top ten songs chart on the US Billboard Hot 100 and # 1 on the Pop Songs chart.

Alongside a star The mind-boggling numbers convince Taylor Swift to ask Shawn to open the North American dates of his World Tour.

The collaboration with Camilla Cabello (All about Camilla Cabello here). During the tour alongside Taylor Swift, backstage while Cabello was preparing to perform with his group Fifth Harmony, in 30 minutes Shawn Mendes writes I Know What You Did Last Summer, whose video has reached more than 193 million views on You Tube starting March 20, 2017.

Two record singles Stitches first and then Treat you Better, extracted from the Illuminate album, in which he sings to a girl how much he could love her and how she could feel better with him rather than with the man who is currently by her side.

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Curiosities about Shawn Mendes

The tattoo it looks like an acoustic guitar, but in reality it also represents the image of a landscape reflected in the water. The body of the guitar would also be the Toronto Skyline, but also linked to the singer's hometown, Pickering, and the soundwave that unites them would represent the wave emitted by the sound of his parents and his sister as they say "I Love You. ".

Love to laugh and joke in the light-heartedness of his youth. For him every occasion is good to show off his beautiful smile.

His good luck charm is a lion-shaped plush named Leo, which he brings with him to concerts and before each performance.

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Passion for sport Shawn plays ice hockey, goes to the gym, swims and surfs. He trains to keep fit but also because sport helps him with music and stimulates his creativity.

Loving life He is not engaged, that's for sure. Having denied the rumors about his alleged homosexuality, it is known that his ideal woman must know how to joke. In one of his songs, about his ideal girlfriend, he writes: "May she be funny and have a strong sense of humor, wake up, love to laugh …. maybe she is brunette and dancer ». It seems that for a long time Shawn had a crush on Emma Watson.

At the table His favorite dish is omelettes. He hates tomatoes instead.

TV series Shawn loves them all, especially Lost and The 100. In the latter he played a small part in the first episode of the third season.

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Favorite artist John Mayer, of whom he became a huge fan about three years ago when he discovered Gravity. And then Ed Sheeran, whom he considers a myth.

Fears and phobias Shawn just can't see the ladybugs.

Charity supported a fundraiser for the construction of a school in Shia, Ghana.

Shawn Mandes teen idol cantautore musicista testimonial Armani Connected smartwatch vita privata

Awards and acknowledgments

In 2016 Shawn Mendes receives six nominations for the 2016 MTV Europe Music Awards and, on the night of the ceremony, which took place on November 6 in Rotterdam, Mendes won the awards for Best Male Artist and Best Artist in the World.

20 April 2017 releases the single Ther's Nothing Holdin'Me Back extracted from the deluxe edition of the Illuminate album, which obtains a gold record in New Zealand and Italy.

The Illuminate world tour For his success Mendes was indicated by Time Magazine as one of the most influential teenagers of 2014, 2015, 2016 and, again in 2016, Forbes included him in its "30 under 30" ranking.

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