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Dinner in white: how to set up the chicest table of the summer
Dinner in white: how to set up the chicest table of the summer

Are you ready to set up your midsummer dinner under a starry sky? Password: white

There dinner most suggestive of the summer is organized en plein air and in the moonlight. Simple ingredients, suggestive atmosphere, plates and glasses strictly in ceramic or glass and an almost always unlimited number of guests, because adding a seat at the table is the mantra of this party.

If you want to organize one, here are our suggestions for setting up your table in white, and make no mistake!

Candles and backsplashes

Is your table tight? Fill it up more and more. Don't be afraid to dare, as your richer set-up will be more suggestive. Play with the heights of the elements with which you decide to decorate the table, selecting tall candle holders, cake stands, glass goblets and a green base to break up the monochrome.

Cena in bianco

Glass jars

Plastic is banned for dinner in white, so space for ceramics and glass. If you want a simple but effective centerpiece, choose glass vases of different shapes and sizes and select a handful of colored branches and fragrant flowers for a very delicate touch of color.

Fiori rosa

Table lamp

Candles are allowed out of all proportion, but if you want to surprise your guests, prepare the extensions and show off the most beautiful table lamps you have within the walls of your home. If space permits, alternate them with small ornamental green vases and that's it.


Balloons (strictly white)

Balloons, basically helium-filled, are (almost) never lacking on the table in white. It is extraordinary to tie one to each chair, almost like giving a personal welcome to each guest who will have the task at the end of the dinner to let him fly by making a wish.


Lace table runner

Password? White, of course, but romantic too! Welcome the sweetest flowers on the table, as well as long white lace runners, elements so delicate as to imbue the atmosphere of harmony.

Tovaglia di pizzo

Romantic vineyard

If you have the opportunity to set a very long table then it is time to think big. These are the most suggestive circumstances, where to show off a carpet of lights to frame the sky and place an infinite expanse of fresh flowers as a centerpiece.

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