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The 5 best ways to pass the time on the plane
The 5 best ways to pass the time on the plane

Movies and games to download before leaving, books to read, offline pastimes: here's how to make time fly while traveling

It will also be true that it does not matter the destination but the path to reach it, but journeys that force you to stand still in a box for hours, be it the plane, the train, the car or a ferry, they drive the nerves to exasperation.

The only way to save himself? Finding how to pass the time.

So, put the reading of this article in the list of things to do before departure, along with suitcase, waxing and out of office to be set on the company email.

Because we found five

Film aereo

Movies and TV series

Hours spent lounging on the sofa in front of the TV they are the ones that pass faster, and it is no coincidence.

Disconnect the mind at barrel 50 minutes per episode (or two hours if you prefer movies) borders on time travel.

Download the titles you left behind this winter and bring headphones.

To be sure, here are the best movies of 2017, and here are the TV series to watch.

Do you have Netflix? here are the titles to download in the section available for download.


Books, magazines and eBooks

To each his own, but reading will help you escape only if what you have in front of you manages to involve you.

That is why we have selected the best books to read in circulation, between new releases in the bookstore, detective stories, romance novels and thrillers.

Find all the relevant advice on books to read clicking here.

we are knitters

Apps and games to download

Don't leave the wifi without having downloaded at least one App to play with.

Video games are an incredible ally when it comes to passing the time without realizing it.

Three tips:

Crossy Road. A great classic of mobile games. You don't need big skills, just quick reflexes and a quick thumb to make your favorite frog or pet jump at the right time, trying not to make it run over.

Candy Crush. Now that it's been a while since everyone played it, you can happily try it out (or reopen it if you've detoxed). On one condition: that you don't get too excited about it.

2048. There are numbers but you don't need mathematical skills. Just a little bit of logic.

Music and Audible

Headphones in the ears, before leaving make sure you have material to cover the trip already downloaded on your smartphone, because even when you are not necessarily offline, the data does not necessarily take up enough - and in any case less battery is consumed, which is a very precious commodity now.

Music. If you still don't have it, start the Spotify download and try the subscription (which is free for the first month) to be able to download the playlists that interest you most and listen to them even offline. Don't forget to add the summer hits to the list as well.

Podcasts, audio series and audiobooks. Audible is a new Amazon service dedicated to those who want to try a new type of entertainment. You download the App, subscribe and choose from thousands of texts available for listening even in offline mode. The first month of trial is free.


A hobby that is back in great shape recently even among Hollywood stars, spotted knitting on sets between takes, knitting is a super relaxing way to keep your hands busy without the need for large spaces.

We Are Knitters sells complete kits for all tastes and abilities: you choose the kit to make what you prefer (also choosing between easy, intermediate and advanced) and there is no need for anything else, because it is included in the package there is already everything you need to make the finished product, whether it's knitting or crochet, household items or dresses or shoppers for the beach.

Each kit in fact comes home in an eco-friendly, reusable paper bag e contains balls of yarn, wooden needles handcrafted beech, pattern and needle from wool.

In case of difficulty, all knitters can access to video tutorials and blog posts or write directly to We Are Knitters to get help and solve any problem.

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