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Five reasons to go to circus school
Five reasons to go to circus school

A thousand adrenaline and related production of serotonin (the hormone of happiness), but also physical effort and self-esteem: we give you 5 good reasons to try the circus

More fun than aerobics, more rejuvenating than a session with a make-up artist: we were at circus school to the Club Med of Opio en Provence, and once you've finished reading this article, you'll want to go too.

To learn something new, Do physical activity, increase self-esteem and also the memory: try the circus and you will enjoy it benefit for mind and body.

And on the way back you will have something to tell for months, finally silencing CrossFit adepts).

We explain why.

opio circo trapezio

Increase self-esteem

When you see an acrobat throwing oneself into the void and flying by jumping between one trapezoid and another, or circling at a height of ten meters, one gets the impression that it is something we would never be able to do.

The fact of succeeding, and in much less time than you might think, it gives our brains a clear input, according to which we can do it all if we just want to.

The message that reaches deep into our spirit is very powerful: if you want something you can get itif you work hard whatever becomes possible, even those that seemed impossible.

Give yourself a goal, give yourself time to learn and be able to make it happen it is a lesson that is valid in the circus but which ends up being applied also in life, with obvious consequent advantages.

The first time you manage to catch the bar after a catch on the flying trapeze, you are feels invincible. And it's a feeling that you bring yourself back home.

opio circo equilibrio

Makes you younger and happier

The circus by its nature brings body and mind back in time when you were in the schoolyard to play at that game status of which growing up (unfortunately) you lose memory.

Among the activities, acrobatic and artistic, there are many references and similarities to those activities that actually marked the afternoons of childhood, including ribbons, balls, skittles and bungee skips.

Adults thus end up returning to setting the brain in a world where that of children comes by itself, with all the (beneficial) related consequences on mood.

A thousand adrenaline and serotonin they are the scientific explanation of the fact that you end the day younger than when you started it.

opio circo giochi

Train your brain

The circus is definitely a physical activity, but that's at the same time it requires very high cerebral attention, to coordinate the movements to be done at the right time and in the right order and therefore is a great training (also) for the brain.

To carry out the exercises you have to think and stay focused, you cannot put your head on standby like when jogging or swimming in a pool lane.

When you are in balance, you have to keep in balance not only with the muscles, but also with the brain - and this increases the ability to concentrate also in other situations of life, not least in work.

opio circo

It is a complete sport

In addition to all the mental variables, the circus is first of all a complete sport, that trains every single muscle band without trauma or risk.

Try walking on a vertical wall, keeping your body parallel to the ground, or to bear the weight of your body balancing on a trapezoid, or jumping alternating the vertical position with the sitting position: at the end your muscles will be in pieces, but you won't even realize it.

The muscles are trained, the joints are not affected, the heart pumps blood and energy.

Twenty minutes of circus train more than an hour of aerobics and increase agility, the coordination, balance, the awareness of one's body, the force and the flexibility.

opio circo muscoli

It is meritocratic

The circus has all the advantages and benefits of team sports, teamwork and mutual help, but without the downsides of competition.

Here, in fact, the only challenge is against oneself and one's limits and regardless of the more or less innate qualities that a person may have at the first approach with a tool, he is alone the hard work that leads to tangible results.

It doesn't matter what type of body you have, how many muscles you can rely on or the level of athletic training you start from: who is committed, achieves the result.

opio circo struttura

Where to try, Club Med Opio's circus school

In the heart of Provence, in the French hinterland behind Cannes, Club Med opened a circus school in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil.

The project is called Creactive and is based in Opio en Provence resort, where in a structure created ad hoc thanks to 12 teachers trained by the trainers of the most famous circus in the world you can learn 30 activities, 15 acrobatic (including flying trapeze, vertical wall and jumping) and 15 artistic (from juggling to scenic make-up).

Everyday just show up on the driving range between 3 and 5 in the afternoon: you can see how to do it, you practice on the ground to understand the movement and the sensations, and in two hours you are able to make the top positions base on the flying trapeze, bounce 10 meters high you hate walk horizontally on the vertical wall.

In a week, to create seven different positions on the flying trapeze, including catch on the fly with a teacher and back.

The teachers cover ten different languages, to ensure everyone has a total understanding of the indications, and to everyone they propose to reach the limit of their abilities, helping them to overcome it - to let him feel he can do it and see improvement.

To start you don't need any kind of athletic training, and before you can ask no, it is not dangerous: you are always harnessed and followed, just respect the safety rules that distinguish every activity in life.

opio creactive scritta


Scent of lavender e the largest olive grove in the Maritime Alps surround the Club Med resort of Opio en Provence, a newly renovated structure that allows you to experience Provence in all its most typical aspects, taking advantage of all the comforts and luxuries of a Club Med.

Fields from tennis, driving range and a golf course golf 9 holes, different areas designed for families and dedicated to children and others adults only - to allow those with children to entertain them also thanks to the Mini Club service and for those who do not have them to be in peace and in the total silence of nature, where the rhythm of time is marked by cicadas.

Two restaurants in which to taste the culinary wonders typical of the South of France and international cuisine, many vices (such as crepes freshly prepared and served fresh at snack time by the pool) and two swimming pools (one for all, one for adults only).

Besides, of course, the Creactive structure, where is it learn the circus arts and attend the shows organized weekly.

opio club med

What to see in the surroundings

In a few minutes drive from the resort you can reach several Provencal villages and towns, including Grasse, where to visit the Fragonard perfume factory and take a stroll in the city to shop for local products (taste the soft nougat of Le Nougat de Montségur, in Rue Marcel Journet), and renowned Saint-Paul de Vence, with its incredible medieval streets dotted with art galleries.

Twenty minutes walk from the resortinstead, it arises Valbonne, an adorable village for a walk or an aperitif with rosé and local cheese platter. On Friday morning there is a market with clothes and food products which occupies the whole country.

A different trip than usual? Ask for the No Smoke, small electric convertible cars with which to reach Gourdon, a medieval village with incredible views over the valley.

opio gourdon

What to taste

All the products based on locally produced oil, those flavored with lavender (first of all the tea served cold) and obviously the great protagonists of the Provençal table: wines, cheeses and compotes, strictly matched.

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