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Because having a cat extends your life
Because having a cat extends your life

The research is clear: the cat will not be man's best friend but it is a real elixir of life: that's why

Cats have the power to lengthen and make your life better

If until now you have thought of your cat simply as one sweet presence at home - sweet until it decides to scratch you or the furniture at least - know that you are wrong.

It's time to open your eyes and revolutionize your ideas because you will find that your cat is some kind of super hero.

The first piece of information, which helps us understand their extraordinary powers, is that felines have twice as many neurons as dogs.

This means that they process information much faster and more effectively.

A researcher named Wei Lu tried to build a computer based on the cat brain diagram, precisely for its simplicity (compared to the human brain) and for its incredible efficiency.

We give you four reasons why your cat will extend your life.

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Garfield sul divano


Everyone probably knows that the cat's purr has a relaxing and calming power.

Few know, however, that they also have clinical benefits.

Indeed, your feline's purr can calm the heartbeat thus reducing the risk of heart disease, speed up the bone welding process after a fracture, help the skin to regenerate after an injury And keep blood pressure levels balanced.

The purr is therefore a real one source of physical and mental well-being.

The movement

True, cats are independent and you won't need to take them out.

But have you ever tried to playing running all over the house? You will probably do more sports in this way rather than walking: thanks to their agility it will be very difficult to keep up with them.

For example, you could do small balls with foil and throw them, you will see how you will have fun (as well as staying online).

Cat therapy

In America, they exist facilities where cats mingle with doctors.

In practice, their beneficial effects are considered so powerful that it can be used as a real drug.

Patients have felines available and their many beneficial properties are integral part of therapy.



If you think cats are less affectionate than dogs, probably you have never had a cat.

And in any case it is just a prejudice.

A study conducted in Austria in 2003 showed that cats remember affectionate gestures And they reciprocate them later.

Furthermore, the research pointed out that the presence of a cat in the home is considered almost as satisfying as that of the partner.

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