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How much does it cost to be friends with Taylor Swift
How much does it cost to be friends with Taylor Swift

Custom costumes, pool inflatables and first-class planes - that's how much it costs to be part of Taylor Swift's team of friends

Being friends with Taylor Swift it is a privilege.

Stars and models compete to be part of the #taylorsquad, partly because we have a lot of fun together apparently and partly because around the former country singer has been created a kind of neo-feminism, where young, accomplished and independent women gravitate, affirmed and always ready to team up to support and support each other, for better or for worse.

And then why throws parties that are the envy of the Paris Hilton a few years ago.

Of course, having fun at its level implies a current account with several zeros.

Entertainment Weekly has calculated how much does it cost to spend a weekend with her, taking into account the programs of several occasions in which we saw her with the squad.

taylor swift squad

First class by plane

Taylor Swift invites you to her for the weekend, in hers Rhode Island home, the $ 17 million colonial mansion he bought in 2013 in Watch Hill County.

Obviously we all travel together, in business - for a flight to America, take into account a thousand dollars. If you have to get there in America, do your math.

taylor swift luglio

Themed costumes

Taylor loves throwing parties, but there is no party without worthy social coverage.

And you want to put how much prettier the photos are if you are dressed in theme?

For the party he organized two years ago for July 4, the day on which Americans celebrate Independence Day, he chose a strictly patriotic theme: to participate it was necessary have a swimsuit in the colors of the American flag, possibly paired with hers, as Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadida did.

Cost: 168 dollars (148 euros)

taylor swift independence day

Flag dresses

The evening is no exception. Every occasion has a dress code and for the evening the sign was once again the American flag.

Tommy Hilfiger is on the safe side.

Average cost: 160 euros

taylor swift calvin harris

Pool inflatables

What a day it would be without highly instagrammable inflatables with which to sunbathe or unleash water battles in the pool?

Taylor is always at the forefront on the subject and for this reason every year renews the fleet with the latest inflatable in vogue.

They were once the swans, then unicorns, now flamingos.

To keep up, if you buy them in the US, you will have to fork out about $ 99.

taylor swift torte


Taylor loves sweets and in particular the homemade cakes. Just look at her Instagram profile to find, in addition to cats, a series of delicacies prepared by hand by the sweet hands of her friends.

So get one good planetary if you are not a pastry chef. The cost? About 500 euros.

taylor swift party

Photos to share

Though he's been losing track a bit lately, Taylor loves to have memories of his parties and moments spent with friends.

Reason why you can't not have a good phone to take pictures or, even better for the new vintage drift, a Polaroid (about 70 euros).

taylor swift coachella

Pass for Coachella

If you missed the party of the year at her Rhode Island mansion, no fear.

You will be forgiven by participating at the next edition of Coachella.

If you want to reach it, it will touch you buy the pass for the vip area, the cost of which is around 899 dollars (almost 800 euros).

But maybe she'll take care of the villa

taylor swift selena gomez concerto

Final calculations

An idea? Really very nice and invite her to you. He will arrive by private jet and a collection of inflatables.

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