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Nine things you (maybe) don't know about Jamie Dornan
Nine things you (maybe) don't know about Jamie Dornan

From his beginnings as a model to ex-girlfriends, passing through famous complexes and roommates: here's everything you need to know about Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan is one of the sexiest men in the world much on the big screen, in the shoes of Christian grey, how much on television, where plays a serial killer.

Ever since he landed the coveted role of the super rich protagonist of the saga of Fifty Shades, the attention on him has increased tenfold, but on his own private life very little has always been known.

That's why we decided to go and investigate his past looking for curiosity.

Among famous former roommates and (inexplicable) physical complexes, here's what we found.

Jamie Dornan
Jamie Dornan

Kate Moss has been defined as masculine

One meter and 83 centimeters tall, statuesque physicist, Jamie has a model past and it was testimonial for the biggest fashion brands, especially for underwear: Dior, Armani and especially Calvin Klein have made it their Michelangelo's David.

He was the hadon who rolled with Eva Mendes in the CK Underwear fall / winter 2009-2010 campaign.

And it was also proclaimed "The male version of Kate Moss" from the New York Times.

jamie dornan barba
jamie dornan barba

It was Count Hans of Marie Antoinette

Originally from Belfast, Jamie had to work hard to get noticed as an actor.

The first major role comes in 2006, when he made his film debut with «Marie Antoinette» by Sofia Coppola, in which he played the seductive Swedish count Hans Axel von Fersen.

It also has dressed as the sheriff in the TV series "Once Upon a Time" before being cast for the role of Mr Gray.

Shortly before, he had also started filming the first season of "The Fall", the series in which he plays the part of serial killer starring opposite Gillian Anderson.

jamie dornan christian grey
jamie dornan christian grey

He is a failed rugby player

Jamie was a winger of the Belfast Harlequins

At the time he decided to leave university to devote himself exclusively to sport, without finding the desired success.

So - fortunately - he moved to London to enroll in one acting school, which he never attended, having started working in a pub in Knightsbridge.

In general it is a great lover of sport.

His favorite team is Manchester United and lately it seems to have also become passionate about golf.

He has a past as a musician

Until 2008, when he started getting the first parts, Jamie was a member of the "Sons of Jim", a duo founded together with his friend David Alexander.

No garage under the house, as you might think: the group was strong enough, coming to support KT Tunstall on one of his tours.

jamie dornan keira knightley
jamie dornan keira knightley

He conquered Keira Knightley

Credit must be given to Keira Knightley to have good taste and to have seen us along.

When Jamie was still a model and an aspiring actor, he managed to win the heart of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actress, with whom he had a two-year relationship, from 2003 to 2005.

The couple met on a photo shoot and is love at first sight.

A period that Jamie remembers as particularly complicated because of the pressure from the paparazzi who never stopped following them.

A gym, in hindsight, given the enormous success achieved with Fifty Shades.

jamie dornan sguardo
jamie dornan sguardo

He chose his roommates well

Keira Knightley she is not the only star which pops up every time Jamie's past is mentioned.

Before fame the actor shared an apartment with Eddie Redmayne, when he was not even famous yet.

Those were the times when the sex symbol was still single and in which the colleague had not yet won an Oscar.

There are also those who argue that in the same apartment Andrew Garfield also lived, but this version was never fully confirmed.

jamie dornan moglie
jamie dornan moglie

The man of dreams

Contrary to how he appears in his lead roles, The Fall's Christian Gray and Paul Spector, Jamie is a very loving person in real life.

He has been linked to Amelia Warner since 2010, that is, since you are met at a mutual friend's party in Hollywood.

Became his wife in 2013, they have two little girls, Dulcie, three years old, and Elva one and a half years old.

Several times the tabloids have spoken of a crisis between the two, due to a hypothetical Amelia's jealousy of Dakota Johnson and the intimacy she had to achieve with her husband.

The best answer? The birth of the second daughter, right in the midst of the success of the trilogy.

jamie dornan dakota johnson oscar
jamie dornan dakota johnson oscar

Sex symbols also have complexes

He is one of the most desired men on the face of the earth and to find a defect it should be analyzed under a microscope, and yet also he has a weakness.

Or rather, something about himself that he doesn't like: his walk.

Well yes, it sounds absurd, but it was himself to declare it in more than one interview, claiming to have a "bouncy" gait and to have always had this complex.

Fortunately among the staff members who helped him prepare for Fifty Shades there was also a dance instructor who suggested that he focus on movement, first heel and then toe:

“Nobody told me that before, I always walked starting from the tips ».

A piece of advice that was also useful for getting on most famous stage in the world, that of the Oscars.

jamie dornan golf
jamie dornan golf

Where it can be found

Jamie Dornan was born and raised in Belfast

For a while he lived in Los Angeles when he was trying to make it into the cinema.

Now, instead, lives with his wife and two daughters in Notting Hill, London.

If he's not there (or on some set), you can find him in the Cotswolds, east of Oxford, where he spends most of his free time.