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How the cartoons of the 80s and 90s ended
How the cartoons of the 80s and 90s ended

From Cat's Eyes to Mila and Shiro and Candy Candy: this is how the most beautiful cartoons of the 80's and 90's ended up

Cartoons they were a regular appointment every afternoon, they marked our days as children and were addictive, a bit like TV series do today.

Masterpieces like Holly and Benji or Mila and Shiro, in which the games lasted at least four or five episodes and, a bit like for Beautiful, you could afford to lose an episode that so everything remained as it was, or small sections of revisited general culture (such as Pollon, which gave us all the foundations of Greek mythology).

We all know them and we have all seen and amazed them - Nevertheless how many could tell how the stories ended of our childhood favorites?

We have decided to take back i old cartons and tell you (finally) how they ended up.

sailor moon

Sailor Moon

The saga of fighters who dress sailor-style it is quite complex, given the different series and the profound differences between manga and anime.

Most fan memories linger from the season in which the five main Sailor warriors are joined by the last three, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto.

In reality the last series is called Sailor Moon Sailor Stars and ends with the 200th episode in which Sailor Moon, flanked by her companions and other new fighters not belonging to our solar system, arrives at the final showdown with Galaxia, former Sailor warrior turned evil.

It goes without saying that good will triumph, with the fighters who they return to their respective planets and Serenity and Milord che they kiss in the moonlight.

quasi magia johnny

It's almost magic Johnny

The series consists of 48 episodes, even if from Mediaset between cuts and censorship a few less have been broadcast.

Everything is focused on love triangle between Johnny, Sabrina and Tinetta.

In the last two episodes Johnny discovers that Sabrina is still in love with her first love, an older boy known 6 years earlier with whom he exchanged the promise to meet again in a certain place 6 years later.

The boy, left very badly, it is sent by the grandfather back in time by 6 years and discovers that that boy is really him (or rather, the Johnny of the future who goes back to the past).

As Johnny travels through time, Sabrina discovers of having to leave for the United States and looks for him to greet him.

The grandfather also sends her back in time too realizes that her first love was always Johnny.

The two then return to the present and finally they share a passionate kiss.



It was 1984 when Pollon made his debut in Bim Bum Bam

For 46 episodes the little one Pollon tries to become a goddess, combining an endless series of troubles.

In the last episode, however, manages to save the Earth from the evils that came out of Pandora's box, thanks to the hope that remained at the bottom of the box of demons.

The little girl then manages to imprison the monsters again, getting the title of Goddess of Hope by the Goddess of Goddesses.

And on Olympus the celebrations begin

piccoli problemi di cuore

Small heart problems

This cartoon was the first that made our heart beat, even if a much revised version has arrived in Italy.

Originally dedicated to teenagers, it was partially rewritten by the authors of Mediaset to present it also to children.

This is why our version differs in many respects from the original one (which deserves to be revised in full today).

In the Italian finale Miki and Yuri finally get together during a trip to Japan, camping under a waterfall.

In the last real episodes, on the other hand, Yuri discovers that his parents had known each other since university with those of his girlfriend, and that at that time the couples were reversed just like in the current situation.

This makes Miki her half-sister and, shocked by the news, he decides to leave for America without giving her an explanation.

She joins him and takes him home, where they discover it was a misunderstanding (extramarital affairs and abortion stuff).

The two families announce they are expecting a baby, as well as Miki and Yuri. And they all lived happy, messed up and content.

occhi di gatto

Cat eyes

The series, consisting of 73 episodes, in reality it does not have a well-defined ending.

The three sisters, who try to reconstruct the collection of paintings of their missing father stolen by Nazis, they find the uncle who had betrayed their father.

Matthew, Sheila's boyfriend, still does not discover the identity of the girl and his sisters.

Everything ends only with she asking him how he would react if he found out she was a thief and he who does not give weight to it and tells her to stop joking.

The manga goes a little further: Sheila tells Matthew she is one of the thieves and then runs away in the United States.

He reaches her and discovers that in the meantime she has lost her memory, but it all ends with a happy ending.

mila e shiro

Mila and Shiro, two hearts in volleyball

It's the cartoon that has led to whole droves of little girls wearing knee pads, with 58 episodes first aired since 1986.

After a thousand ups and downs, Mila finally manages to play in a professional team and to be called up for the senior national team.

But everything stops there.

The final scene, in fact, sees Mila going to serve in the first match of the pre-Olympic tournament Four Nations against Czechoslovakia (which still existed).

Teaming up with her are rival friends Nami and Kaori, while Shiro follows her satisfied, even if the two are not really together, not to take away time and attention to volleyball.

In 2008, on the occasion of the Beijing Olympics, a new series of 52 episodes was launched, initiated by Mila and Shiro, the dream continues.

magica emi

Magica Emi

More than for the cartoon itself, we will remember this animated series thanks to initials by Cristina D'Avena, even if the ending deserved to be told for the teaching it gave.

In the last episode Emi realizes that she has become a famous magician, but fails to enjoy its success because aware that notoriety came thanks to the heart-shaped bracelet that gave her the powers and not for his abilities.

So on the day of his last show decides to take off the role of Emi, transform back into Mai e to disappear in front of his ecstatic audience.

lady oscar

Lady Oscar

Many of us remember what happened perfectly during the French Revolution thanks to this cartoon.

The series, as inevitable, ends rather sadly, with the death of Oscar, already sick with Tisi, during the storming of the Bastille.

His body will be buried together with that of the beloved André, died in the previous episode, in the hills of Arrais, where the two had grown up and planned to get married.

holly e benji

Holly and Benji

Between interminable matches, people shooting cannon shots capable of piercing the net, heart-sick kids and players climbing the posts and jumping to the spotlight, Holly and Benji went on between series and the other until the early 2000s.

In these last few episodes the protagonists end up with play in the most prestigious European clubs (which, however, for a matter of rights will never be called by name): Holly in Barcelona, ​​Mark Lenders in Turin in a team with black and white shirts, Benji in Germany, in the Bundesliga.

The series ends with the champions who meet for the start of the World Cup for the debut match Japan - Brazil.

hello spank

Hello Spank

In the 63rd and final episode of the cartoon, entitled "The Moment of Truth", the story of Aika's father is finally revealed.

The girl's mother, returned from Japan, sees his daughter again and would like to bring it back with him, but she refuses because she is still waiting for her father.

At this point the woman is forced to tell her that his father had died following the sinking of his yacht.

Aika, distraught, runs away from home, but is then convinced to leave with her mother.

A hat shop will open in Tokyo. With her, as always, the faithful Spank.



Again, cartoon and manga differ a lot. Especially in the gone version broadcast in Italy, censored several times.

In the continuous love triangle between Georgie, Abel and Arthur, Lowell prevails, blond and rich boy who steals the heart of the beautiful Georgie.

However, the two cannot be together, because his family opposes the relationship and being the boy sick with tuberculosis she needs money from her family to be able to support treatment.

Georgie then brings him back to Elisa, his official girlfriend and here the two versions divide.

In the Italian one Georgie says goodbye to Lowell and goes back to Australia with the two brothers, after Arthur is released from prison thanks to the intervention of his brother Abel.

The real ending, on the other hand, is much darker

Georgie reunites with her father and discovers that it was not he who attempted the queen's life, but Duke Dangering.

Abel, Georgie and their father go to London to free Arthur, a prisoner of Irving, the Duke's nephew. After liberation, due to drug withdrawal, Arthur throws himself into the Thames.

In the fight between Abel and Irving the latter is killed and Abel is sentenced to death.

The evening before the shooting Georgie goes to see him in his cell, confesses her love to him and i two spend a night of passion.

The next day, Abel is about to be exonerated, but the duke kills him and thus dies in Georgie's arms.

After a few years, Georgie returns to Australia with her son, Abel Jr, fruit of the night of love in the cell.

She decides to return to the farm where she grew up and here find Arthur, rescued from a drifting ship bound for Australia.



In Italy only 35 of the 52 episodes were broadcast of the original series, so we we never got to see the end.

In the last episode Denver is kidnapped and risks being sold to a scientist who wants to experiment on him.

Fortunately he is released from his friends before it happens.

It later acquires a new power: through a piece of eggshell it was contained in when it was found, can take the whole group of friends into the past, into the dinosaur era, and show them the world he was born into.

candy candy

Candy Candy

Once again a story for two endings

In Italy it was decided to present the happy ending, with Candy discovering that her uncle William is actually none other than Albert and Terence leaving his girlfriend Susanna to return to her.

The original ending is much sadder, a little in line with all the cardboard: Terence does not leave Susanna and she goes on in her unfortunate life.

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