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Ten reasons why you can't lose weight
Ten reasons why you can't lose weight

From nutrition to exercise: here are ten common mistakes that keep you from losing weight the way you would like

Going on a diet without being able to lose weight is a common problem

You said goodbye to sweets, pasta and even sugar in coffee, but the scales don't want to move.

This problem often generates frustration and is the main reason why you start eating again as and more than before, almost out of spite.

Nothing more wrong

Because if that is true to lose a few pounds you have to work for months, it's also true that a few days are enough to take them back. And all your sacrifices will have gone to the other world, in vain.

So, stop and try to think about because you can't lose weight despite all your efforts.

We list the most common mistakes.

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Don't drink enough water

Beyond keeping you hydrated, drink water regularly, to the extent of at least one and a half liters per day, can help you lose weight.

Sip a glass or two before meals it is useful to not get too hungry at the table and to control the portions.

Eat fruits and vegetables, which contain a lot of water, will make you feel satiety first and therefore eat less.

Recent studies have also shown that drinking cold water can stimulate the metabolism.

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You don't eat enough vegetables

Vegetables are fundamental to make you feel full and satisfied and avoid that hunger pangs surprise you.

Eat at least five servings of fruit and vegetables every day (from breakfast to snacks to dinner) is essential, because these foods contain a wide variety of nutrients with a very low level of calories and a right amount of fiber, which are the ones that will make you feel it full stomach longer.

You train on an empty stomach

Many people are convinced that eating before playing sports is not good for you or weight.

In fact some studies have shown that when you train on an empty stomach, the calories you burn come from your muscles and not from fat.

Eat something before physical activity it will not only help you avoid this process, but it will give you more energy for training.

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Don't pay attention to the portions

Portion control it is the first step to take when you want to lose weight.

And this is true even for those foods that are considered super-healthy, but which should be eaten in moderation: almonds, avocados, oil, are healthy and should be eaten for their supply of nutrients, but in the right proportions.

A whole avocado, for example, contains more than 200 calories

It is useless to feed on crates of salad, if you then use more and more oil to season it.

Having portion control also serves to give our brain a signal that over time will perceive the sense of satiety with reduced dishes compared to a time.

Eliminate entire food groups

Giving up entire food groups (such as carbohydrates) it's not healthy at all.

It can bring results in the short term, but soon weight loss will stop and you will end up with more problems.

Not to mention how you will immediately regain the lost kilos at the first bite of pizza.

Decrease the quantities, especially in the initial phase of the diet, without giving it up completely, is the best solution that will give you lasting results.


You don't move enough

Walking the dog is not physical activity

It's always better than nothing, but it's not enough, especially in the long run, when the body gets used to certain rhythms.

Don't expect miracles if you are not willing to put in an extra effort.

To see results you should do at least 30 minutes a day of cardio activity (running, biking, interval training or circuits). But that's not enough.

Then try to vary and alternate cardio and weight activities, in order to avoid injuries e burn more calories.

As mentioned, gaining muscle mass stimulates metabolism and therefore also strength training can give excellent results in terms of weight loss.

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You make the wrong snacks

Don't be fooled by all those light snacks who profess to be friends of the line only for the low number of calories they contain.

The number of calories it will also be low, but the portions as well. Not to mention the nutrients.

Most of these snacks contain high levels of sodium and added additives to cut down on ingredients that would have spiked calories.

Not only do these foods contain low nutritional levels, but they will also be unsatisfactory.

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You are not in good company

Have beside a person who, like you, is attentive to what he eats it is very important when you want to lose weight.

If your partner is not on the same page as you, it will become more difficult.

This because you will find yourself having to give up on take away and ice cream after dinner and in the long run, not to play the usual part of the pain in the ass girlfriend, you will find yourself giving in.

Set the record straight now and ask him for support, at least in the do not lead yourselves into temptation.

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Eat absent-mindedly

The desire for sweets or junk food, the sense of hunger, as well as the sense of satiety, all derive from stimuli that our brain sends.

Learning to know how it works and how to get around certain pitfalls that can collapse your dedication, is the first thing to do to be able to try a lasting diet, understood as healthy and constant diet.

For this too eating with knowledge of the facts is essential.

Skip the lunch break, eating in front of the computer while replying to emails will not allow your brain to realize that you are feeding yourself and therefore you will soon find yourself hungry with the feeling that you have not eaten at all.

When you have a meal, whatever it is, give it the time it deserves, savor what you are ingesting and do not think about anything else.

You are not getting enough sleep

Find the time to train every day could mean waking up earlier in the morning and giving up a portion of sleep.

But remember that sleeping well and the right number of hours is just as important if you want to lose weight.

This is because you need energy to face the day and physical activity, but mostly because little sleep stimulates the hormones that generate the sense of hunger and you would risk not being able to control yourself.

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