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Travel: the most beautiful places in the world to gaze at the stars
Travel: the most beautiful places in the world to gaze at the stars

In an abandoned mine, in the desert or by a lake on the other side of the world: here are the six most beautiful places in the world to gaze at the stars

When it comes to look at the stars, the difference is cosmic (in fact): the more you move away from the artificial lights of the cities and immerse yourself in nature, the more celestial cap becomes incredibly bright and absolute protagonist of the panorama.

But it's not just the light that makes the difference: they are there places in the world where the sky is particularly clear and the clear constellations.

Others, and it is no small thing, in which the celestial vault becomes unrecognizable, because there is so much far from the latitude from which it is usual to look at the stars which is almost impossible not to be upside down.

That you prefer to be comfortable, wrapped in a warm blanket on top of a snowy mountain, or breathe the mild air of desert night, be ready to book, because the data analysts of have passed us the ranking of six most beautiful destinations in the world to admire the stars, matching the recommendations of thousands of travelers from all over the globe.

If you want to see distant galaxies and constellations silhouetted against the blackest skies, therefore, we recommend you leave for one of these destinations.

M’hamid, Morocco


Ideal starting point for those who want to visit the Sahara Desert, M'Hamid is a small oasis in an area long inhabited by ancient Berber tribes.

Erg Chigaga, the largest expanse of sand in Morocco, it can be reached by camel (more or less easily, but certainly with a memorable experience) or by jeep.

The dunes measure 60 meters in height and dance in the wind under the amber sun of the Sahara, an unforgettable and almost touching sight.

Near M’Hamid you will find smaller dunes, perfect for settle down for the night and gaze at the stars, even better if with traditional Berber music in the background!

Where to sleep: Hotel Kasbah Azalay

Sesriem, Namibia


Sesriem is one of the best places to gaze at the stars: after all, the practically absent precipitations in the desert ensure clear and clear skies at night.

Sesriem is characterized by imposing reddish dunes, canyons and twisted black trees sun-dried, covering the surrounding plains (great subjects for spectacular photos!).

You can't miss the show at night, in a swirl of constellations and shooting stars.

Where to sleep: Desert Quiver Camp

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand


A visit to the Lake Tekapo is an experience with nature at its highest expression: during the day the milky waters of the lake, the expanses of flowers along the coast and the pine forests in the surroundings create an idyllic setting.

At night, since it is an International Dark Sky Reserve (i.e. an area where the 'Light pollution is reduced to a minimum), the show in the skies is unique and breathtaking.

Pitch the tent for a couple of days and enjoy a tour to the neighbor astronomical observatory at the top of Mount John, with one of the largest telescopes in all of New Zealand.

Where to sleep: Lake Tekapo Lodge

Cabo Polonio, Uruguay


There are no roads to achieve this tiny village in Uruguay, made of small huts built on a sliver of rock which extends into Atlantic Ocean: a real hermitage.

Thankfully, local laws prevented Cabo from transforming into a typical South American resort.

Join the hippies of the country and sleep under the stars, in a place that will make you fall in love (almost to the point of never wanting to leave!)

Where to sleep: Olga Veigas y Otros

Wadi Rum (the Valley of the Moon), Jordan


The wild and rugged nature of Wadi Rum it is a hymn to life and resistance: the horizon is dotted with chipped canyons and orange sand, and observing the bright sky from this lunar landscape is an almost surreal experience.

Camp with the Bedouins in isolated places and enjoy unique and spectacular views of the Milky Way, which will amaze you to the point of leaving you speechless.

Where to sleep: Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp

São Domingos mine, Portugal


Despite being u n work built by man and not from nature, this abandoned mine in Portugal it's a phenomenal place to gaze at the stars.

Its incredible story begins in Roman times, and here you will find a museum, an English cemetery and many buildings, part of the mining complex, all around.

Perfect destination if you are looking for a place close, but outside the box, for one night with the nose up.

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