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Who is Rihanna's boyfriend, Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel
Who is Rihanna's boyfriend, Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel

Rihanna has a new boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, a Saudi billionaire who has a flirt with Naomi Campbell

Rihanna got engaged. The singer had been paparazzi in Spain while passionately kissing a mysterious man in the pool and only after a few hours the identity of the man emerged.

This is the Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel, one of the richest men in the world and heir to an empire.

No comment from Riri, as i begin to take shape first details on the relationship.

Here's what we know so far about him and what could become the gossip of the summer.

Rihanna and the kisses in the pool

The gossip exploded on Wednesday, when Tmz exclusively published i first stolen shots of the kiss between Rihanna and Hassan Jameel, whose identity was not yet known at that time.

The two were paparazzi while enjoying a few moments of relaxation and passion in the pool during a holiday in Spain.

Reason why the singer did not participate in the Bet Awards.

The reaction of the fans

In the space of a few hours the manhunt was unleashed on the net, to the cry of #RihannaHasAManParty, hashtag with which fans began to discuss the new gossip, trying to understand who could be the new flame of the singer.

Most people have spoken out in favor of the relationship, especially given the recent attacks the pop star had suffered due to her weight gain.

The identity of the man of mystery

Now we learn that the man Riri used to hang out with in the pool is Hassan Jameel, vice president of Abdul Latif Jameel, one of the largest companies in the world.

His family boasts assets of over 1 and a half billion dollars, that he could inherit in full.

Reason why he was listed by Forbes al 12th place in the ranking of the richest Saudis on the planet.

The company also has i Toyota car distribution rights in Saudi Arabia and it's owner of an entire football league, called Jameel league.

A serious story

According to what The Sun has learned, the two have been dating for a while and they would try to keep the relationship as secret as possible, to protect it from the spotlight.

«It is a serious story. Rihanna has told friends that she is in love with him and seems totally into him. They spent a lot of time together, away from prying eyes and they mean it,”a source told the British tabloid.

The former celebrities

Before making headlines as the man who can make Rihanna's heart beat, Hassan was in gossip magazines last year in July, after being appeared alongside Naomi Campbell at the British Summer Time Festival in London.

The two had seemed very close, so much so that one would think that the Saudi billionaire was the supermodel's new toy boy.

Rihanna's past

And speaking of Rihanna, many seeing the images immediately thought of Drake, the star's last ex-officer with which he had had a flashback last year.

The two had started to be seen together again, on stage, with more than sensual performances, and outside. Then in October it all ended.

And while the rapper was consoled - apparently - by JLo, Riri had made him lose track, at least sentimentally.

The star's closest friends, however, have no doubts: Hassan might be the one.

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