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Being too good makes you unhappy
Being too good makes you unhappy

Being too good often leads to unhappiness: here's why and four good reasons why you should start looking after yourself more than others

We have repeated it dozens of times. I have to stop being so good because it makes me feel bad.

And indeed it is not a wrong statement.

Who is too good he may have learned this mechanism as a child: during childhood he probably internalized that it is important to put other people in front of their own needs, to make them feel good and to avoid conflicts.

The problem is that in doing so, however, one ends up knowing alone a part of ourselves, while it would also be useful to know that side that speaks of needs and desires.

Otherwise, in fact, you will feel it always dissatisfied.

Haven't we convinced you?

Here are four good reasons why stop being too good and think a little more about yourself.


You will have too high expectations

When we do anything for someone, we should avoid having expectations.

In short, if a friend needs help we will not have to think that then he too, in the future, will be ready to rush to our rescue (if ever needed).

A mechanism of this type, in fact, induces people to have expectations commensurate with one's behavior which, if not indulged, lead to misunderstandings and delusions.

For this reason we should act alone because we feel it and not because we have to: we will thus avoid any misunderstanding.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

Look for positivity

When you are too good, you automatically tend to put the good of others in front of everything.

The result? Dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

Remember that, to create a positive climate around you, you should first of all be happyotherwise people will notice your effort and understand that you have acted out of duty and not by feeling.

Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz

Accept yourself

Your value it does not depend on good deeds what you do for others, or how expensive they have cost you.

When you are too good, often we do not accept ourselves enough. Or rather, you don't recognize your own needs, they appear confused and you prefer to give space to those of others.

But know that accepting oneself means be aware and act according to what you want, considering, first of all, your well-being.

This is the only road that can lead to achieve their goals.

Julia Roberts mangia
Julia Roberts mangia

You will blame yourself

If you fail to say for good time No thanks, I prefer it that way, it will happen that you will get angry with yourself.

The passive attitude of who is too good often leads to reactions of this kind because you will regret having accepted something that you do not like but that, for your goodness, you will have to do.

Follow your instinct more and give adequate explanations to your no, you will gain in well-being because you will feel you have the ability to refuse without suffering particular consequences.