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Street style: summer trends to copy
Street style: summer trends to copy

From the latest men's fashion shows, here are some looks "to test" for the summer

From bright shades to neutral ones, from soft lines to more feminine ones: here is a selection of trends to wear on the occasion ofsummer 2017.

Vitamin mono-color


What better occasion than the long summer days to show off a brightly colored look? Yellow is definitely one of these, to be combined with equally colorful accessories or basic variants.

The advice: prefer an intense shade that can highlight the complexion and avoid combining it with black.

The white jumpsuit


Let's face it, when you choose to wear a slightly oversized white jumpsuit, the risk of looking like a house painter and ice cream maker hybrid is just around the corner. But, if chosen in a light and purely summer version - ergo in breathable fabrics - and combined with elegant accessories, such as the small Hermès by Chiara Ferragni, it can turn out to be an original look.

The only warning, choose it only if your physicality allows it, if you are particularly slender or well proportioned.

The printed circle skirt


To be worn with a high waist, combined with a simple top, they are a good compromise to choose 24/7. They slim the figure and emphasize the waistline. With particular patterns, they enliven even the most discreet look.

There are many reasons to buy - and wear - one during the summer.

The statement t-shirts


Launch a message: statement t-shirts are one of those catchphrases used to returning cyclically. They are worn with a simple pair of jeans, short or long, but also with a more romantic skirt, depending on the style.

The advice: always check, at the time of purchase, that they are 100% cotton. If organic, even better.

The romantic shirts


Puffed sleeves, ruffles, small pleats and meticulous details: a feminine blouse is a good idea to beat the heat in style. Also in this case the combinations are among the most varied, if you like the idea of ​​total white, follow the example of the photo and aim for a full skirt of the same kind.

The sleeveless top and high-waisted trousers


A classic that knows no seasonality. The trousers are soft and tight at the waist, the shirt is sleeveless, soft and light, it is worn slightly open.

The nuances to focus on are neutral, give yourself a touch of color for one of the two garments, just like in the photo, where the blouse is pink and the pants are black.

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