Cacti in home decor: 15 ideas to buy now
Cacti in home decor: 15 ideas to buy now

Decorating with cacti even without having plants in the house? It is possible by choosing the right home decor accessories. All to buy

Whether or not you love the greenery within the walls of your home, one thing is certain: i cactus they are one of the most popular home decor subjects of the summer.

Previously considered suitable only for the room of the little ones, they are now cleared for all rooms of the house and appreciated for their pop, playful and summery appeal, which immediately brings back to the imagination of Californian houses, including boho tapestries, decorative buffalo heads and surfboards.

In stores it is now a real green invasion, and it is really impossible not to find the right piece for your home and your taste.

From glazed terracotta pots, to plush cushions, to quirky neon lamps and wallpaper, here's our selection of must-have accessories.

And you don't even have to pay attention to the thorns!


COINCASA A beautiful watercolor cactus on the cushion cover.

oliver bonas

OLIVER BONAS Painted metal chair that stylizes the shapes of a large cactus.


TOPSHOP Fluo pink cactus shaped candle.


SUNNYLIFE AUSTRALIA Colorful and fun the luminous garland with many small cacti, perfect for outdoor summer parties.


BLOOMINGVILLE Small decorative white ceramic cacti.


BLOOMINGVILLE Decorated cup.


SUNNYLIFE AUSTRALIA A bright neon cactus in perfect Californian style.


MAISONS DU MONDE The knobs of the chest of drawers are small cacti.


ANEWALL Cactus on the wallpaper.


IKEA Padded and fun, the cactus also becomes a toy for young and old.


BLOOMINGVILLE Lots of little cacti on the cushion cover.


BLOOMINGVILLE Ceramic plate decorated with a large cactus.


MAISONS DU MONDE Decorated cup.


MAISONS DU MONDE Canvas on wooden frame, ready to hang, with a cactus on a pink background.


SERAX Glazed ceramic vase.

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