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Seven things to not be influenced by to be happy
Seven things to not be influenced by to be happy

From money to the thinking of others: here are seven things you shouldn't be swayed by to be happy

Be happy it's easier when we don't allow trivial things to affect our self-esteem.

Nevertheless we often fail to see problems from the right distance and we let ourselves be carried away by negative thoughts, ruining our mood and, in the long run, lowering our level of well-being.

Do you want to be happier? Don't care about these seven things and you will succeed.

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How enviable your life is

Since social networks have existed we are always aware of whatever happens to others. How a simple birthday turns into a grand gala complete with an endless bouquet of roses, pastel balloons and surprises at every corner made by socially perfect boyfriends. Lucky them.

There's nothing bad, however, to spend a birthday in perfect anonymity, drinking a beer with friends and loved ones, without having to feel less special. On the contrary.

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How popular are you on social media

If you have spent more than five minutes on Instagram in the last few months, you will have noticed how everyone seems incredibly happy and satisfied with their life.

Everyone eats healthy but very good things, everyone does fun things, all are beautiful and in great shape.

And you? You are perpetually on a diet and crave a five-flavor cone with cream and when you try to take a selfie you have to make fifteen attempts.

We share our life seeking approval of complete strangers who with a like or a comment raise our level of self-esteem.

Breathe, relax and think about living your best moments, without having to chase after a popularity or a lifestyle that does not belong to you.

Don't let a little heart define what you are worth

How many calories are there in the foods you eat

If you decide to treat yourself to a pizza or to get together with friends and binge on junk food between one gossip and another, you are certainly aware that it is not about low-calorie foods that will be good for your line.


If you've ordered a burger that's bigger than your face, enjoy every single gherkin, don't insult the cathartic moment by thinking about how fat it is or where those calories will lean.

An exception to the rule (every now and then) will not spoil the sacrifices of months, the self-flagellation instead will ruin the moment.

A useless waste, of time and energy.

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How you react to waste

Somehow each of us had to face a refusal at least once in a lifetime. Whether it's the handsome guy from school, of the new flirt that disappeared after the last date or the company that did not respond to your application, everyone got a two of spades on some occasion.

It is simply a no, after all, they cannot always be received and only yes.

Seen from this point of view, everything should resize and appear completely normal.

Receiving rejection does not define who you are, if anything, it says something about others and their preferences.

Don't let someone else's choice get you down

It will happen again and again.

As will the confirmations and reconfirmations

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How is your love life

The continuous search for love, of true love, it can be exhausting and demotivating.

Every day, every day, thinking about that guy you dated that you thought was the right one and instead he turned out to be the usual psychopath that disappears at any moment or who does not want to commit.

Minutes, hours, days of thinking when he will write and if he will write, to analyze what he wrote and what he meant, to decipher even the punctuation and smilies, to think of an answer that is nice and feignedly disinterested, as if his message was not the only thought that haunted you throughout day.

Why struggle like this? Because waste all this time to try to make something work that should it be simple and natural?

We are used to thinking that being in a relationship is the ideal condition, especially at a certain age. As if there was something wrong with being single, as if not having a person by your side meant having something wrong.

What does your love life say about you? Nothing, it means nothing. If not, it doesn't explain why there are horrible people getting married and wonderful people who stay single.

Don't let it be whether or not to have a person next to you to complete or make you happy.

Love comes only if you are happy even without it

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What relationship do you have with money

It is right to worry about one's livelihood, to be able to afford a roof over their heads and a decent life.

Different is the case in which, for fear of tomorrow or for chasing higher and higher salaries, don't go on with your life and just let it be the work and the your earnings to define you.

Let's say you manage to achieve your goal and achieve the success and financial stability you want, do you think you would feel satisfied?

“I would like everyone to become rich and famous and get everything they've always dreamed of, like this they may realize that this is not the answerJim Carrey once said in his heyday.

Money can also give you stability, safety and choice, but they do not guarantee happiness.

What others think

We spend most of our time in worry about the judgment of others: about how we are dressed, about what we do and how we do it, about the people and places we frequent.

All this, in the long run, is exhausting

It is impossible to control what others think of you and that's why you simply shouldn't care.

In conclusion you can't please everyone and if you think about it, you too will have someone on your stomach, whatever they do.

Trying to always please others is a useless waste of time and it will only undermine your self-esteem.

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