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Ten types of women that scare men
Ten types of women that scare men

Do the men you meet end up running away? Here are ten attitudes that could be the cause (to abolish or keep hidden)

How many times between friends have you told each other that the men around are all crazy, that you feel like not going to any more and that there are no longer the reassuring knights of the past?

Have you ever put yourself in their shoes? Maybe they too they just don't have an easy life and maybe they live the same misadventures in love as yours.

How to say, next time you meet a new guy, notice how you relate to it, because maybe you are implementing one of those attitudes they shun - with good reason, sometimes, too.

Here are which ones types of women men avoid because they are terribly afraid of it.

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1. Those anxious to settle down

After the first date you have already told him what you will call your children? You have one on your computer list in excel with the guests at your wedding?

You probably should keep this information for you and share them only after a few outings (like a hundred): men are understandably frightened by maidens who have a bright arrow that says "I absolutely have to get married and have a child within the next three years, maybe you're the one?".

Remember that putting anxiety on it makes you have the opposite effect.


2. The drunkards

No kind of moralism, but if every time you go out with him at the end of the evening you get bogged down, fall after two steps, talk to anyone on the machine and then you end up hugging the nearest basket, well, you might push it away a little.

Of course, partying together is wonderful, but if you drink twice as much and when he meets you you have already drained a bottle of prosecco and hug all his friends, behold, he might be right.

Maybe you should give you a tune (or find one who drinks more than you).


3. The sticky ones

It also works with you in reverse and you know it very well: you too you would run away from a man who sends you twenty voice messages a day and that you tattoo your initials on your bicep, then don't do it with them.

No, it is not polite to ask him how he is three times a day and no, it's not a nice thought to pretend to walk by his house with a bottle of wine or ask him out the day after your date.

Don't be in a hurry, he will look for you if he is interested.

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4. The cynics

There is nothing sadder than a cynical woman, than those who they have ceased to be amazed, who take everything apart and take poetry out of everything.

Don't shoot him in the ankles if he compliments you e don't pretend you know everything about life and have already seen enough to be waterproof and stainless.

He will think he is facing a wall and he will feel in trouble: loosen up a bit, and let yourself be amazed - if it's not worth it, you can always recover your cynicism.


5. The depressed ones

No, he is not your analyst and no, he doesn't even want to know what your analyst is telling you.

It is not even necessary tell him the world sucks and that you would prefer to stay indoors forever and never go out again and that you don't like talking to people but you love your cat very much.

Maybe you come out of a difficult period, but let me discover your weaknesses little by little, try not to spill them all on him.


6. The independent

Mind you, a successful woman is a wonderful thing, especially if she does a job she likes, so that's definitely good - but it doesn't have to be a competition, nor some kind of race.

Get dinner offered if he wants to, do not tell him how much you earn and above all don't tell him you don't need a man.

Ok, that's probably true, but try to stand on the other side for a second. There.


7. The whiners

Ok, your ex behaved terribly, you still feel bad and yesterday you saw him with that girl who will be ten years younger than you and who is probably not even of age, but what is his fault?

You have every right to cry, you can do it with your friends and you can even do it for days, but don't do it in front of the guy who invited you for coffee.

He may not know what to do either feeling a little embarrassed and think that basically you are not ready for another story and he is not ready to be the Red Cross.


8. Psychopaths

Sometimes we can to be or seem a little crazy, answer him badly, then go back to look for him, then disappear again to reappear as if nothing had happened and when he gives us a chance again to think that deep down we don't like that much and then make a scene if we see him with another.

Yes, it's not just them and yes, when we commit ourselves we can be much worse.

No problem, the inconsistency is a woman, but then don't be surprised if it blocks you on every device invented by man to communicate.


9. The robocop

Are you indestructible? Martial arts champions, you could break his neck bone with just two fingers, but maybe you shouldn't keep him on a tightrope and threaten him with death every time he looks at the waitress.

Unless he's a boxing champion himself, he could contact the lawyer to find out how to make him lose track.


10. Spoil them

Does Dad buy you a lot of shoes and bags? Is there anything you want more in your life?

All of this is wonderful but you don't need to let them know on the first or second appointment.

All men hate shoes and bags but then they end up giving them to you, especially when they do something wrong.

Said this it takes time: work with strategy and don't expect to be treated like your daddy right away.

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