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Geode Nails: the nail art trend that recreates precious stones
Geode Nails: the nail art trend that recreates precious stones

10 nail art ideas from Instagram to recreate beautiful Geode Nails, perfect for Summer

Forget galaxy nails, floral nail art and sober nude enamels: to make your nails shine during Summer 2017 will be the Geode Nails (literally the trend is inspired by semi-precious stones).

Colorful, bright and flashy, this nail art trend made its first appearance on Instagram immediately becoming a fashion: in a few months it has become a must even for the largest salons in the world.

How to recreate the Geode Nails

First choose yours reference stone. Amethyst is certainly the most common and most of the tutorials on the net have this mineral as the protagonist.

Then choose your base colors, including some glitter and of metallic enamels.

At this point your dexterity will be the master: with the brush to the hand recreate the shape of the geode, being careful to give depth through the shadows.


The geode is magenta and super glitter, applied on a black marble effect base.

Credits ph. Instagram / @valenciabeautynails


The crystals, applied in 3D through the glitter, recall the precious stones of the seabed.

Credits ph. Instagram / @taylornailedit


The mix of colors and textures is reminiscent of jewels in precious stones and Murano blown glass.

Credits ph. Instagram / @laurapinknails


The geode is recreated only on the ring finger as an accent nail, while the rest of the manicure is midnight blue.

Credits ph. Instagram / @kelseylomond


The geodes, clear and iridescent, are drawn only on alternate nails, with a very simple two-color technique.

Credits ph. Instagram / @katmimiv


Geode nails meet French and negative space manicures, for a futuristic version of this trend.

Credits ph. Instagram / @jiamanicure


Geode Nails or Flames? A very special manicure in shades of blue.

Credits ph. Instagram / @jennamoreanailtechnician

The geode nails are recreated with the foil technique, using small fragments of golden paper.

Credits ph. Instagram / @


The geode nails are combined with an iridescent and iridescent blue base, which reflects the colors of the decoration.

Credits ph. Instagram / @divinedarkness


The nail art is further decorated with 3D glitter that recall the colors of the geode.

Credits ph. Instagram / @autumnskyadornments

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