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How to overcome the fear of flying
How to overcome the fear of flying

The fear of flying shouldn't prevent anyone from traveling and taking the plane: here's how to overcome it to enjoy your holiday right from the start

Summer departures are approaching and many people, who will have to take a plane, begin to warn flight-related fears.

The fear of flying, said aerophobia, sometimes it comes to be so powerful as to block initiative and curiosity, until you decide to not leave.

According to statistics, 53% of Italians suffer from flight sickness. But then why, once you get on, you feel like you are the only one visibly frightened?

This happens because, although many suffer from it, just as many I am able to control these fears.

The plane, indeed, it is the safest way in the world and turbulence can be compared to sea ​​waves for a boat: if it oscillates it does not mean that it will overturn.

We give you 6 tips to no longer be afraid of the plane and think only of your destination.

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Get informed

In the days before your departure inquire about the operation of the aircraft.

You will need to understand what happens while you fly, to thus have the certainty that you are traveling on the safest vehicle in existence.

The plane is not magically suspended in the air and its mechanisms are as complex as they are safe.

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Distract yourself (as soon as you sit down)

So as not to get overwhelmed by anxiety, as soon as you sit on the plane, take out your pastime.

You will have to find the most suitable one to keep you focus as much as possible on the object in order to distract your negative thoughts.

A great tool are the crosswords, engage the mind and keep the attention high.

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Keep something in your teeth

A chewing gum, for example. As much as it is said to chewing gum to avoid ear pain given by the pressure, you should know that their function is not limited to this.

Chewing gum, in fact, allows you to discharge the voltage and promote relaxation.

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Listen to the music

It has been proven that listening to your favorite music releases positivity and discharges the voltage.

In particular, you should listen to playlists you already know and that (between you and you) you could hum.

Again it will help you be more focused on something you enjoy (instead of assuming unlikely catastrophes).

If you don't have a list of your favorite songs, you can find them on the web specially designed playlists to promote relaxation on the plane.

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Tell your travel companion how you feel

Even if you go alone: talk to whoever sits next to you.

It could be very useful to understand how the other person feels, to distract each other or simply to feel you can share your emotion with someone.

Do you have a person next to you who is more worried than you? In this case try to comfort her and you will see that of refer you will be better so long as you will feel comforted by yourself.


Look at the hostesses

Who better than them know what's going on? In the critical moments of your flight, when you feel anxiety rising, look for the hostesses as a reference of flight.

Finding their faces relaxed and perfectly at ease you will have the certainty that, in reality, nothing is happening.

At this point you will relax and you can continue to dedicate yourself to your pastime.

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