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TV shows that all home fans should see
TV shows that all home fans should see

Pay TV and digital terrestrial are increasingly an indispensable source of entertainment for all the "sick" of the house with truly indispensable ad hoc broadcasts. Discover with us the best, absolutely not to be missed!

Lovers of home andfurniture they represent a respectable, attentive, passionate and selective audience. They know it well televisions of digital terrestrial and Pay TV which in recent years have dedicated an increasing space of their programming to broadcasts focused on the purchase, furnishing, construction or renovation of homes.

In America, the true pioneer of the sector is the famous single-issue channel HGTV, which has slowly colonized the free and paid network schedules here too, to the delight of all fans and those looking for just a different kind of entertainment.

The proposal, today, is really wide and we wanted to select a top six of the best programs dedicated to the home and furniture ever.

From the historic - and incomparable - «Grand Design» to the Scott twins of «Fratelli in Affari», with a couple of our own formats, here is our selection.

Grand Design

Or better "Major Projects" as translated from Discovery Travel & Living which first aired it in Italy, is the ideal program for all lovers of architecture as a human challenge.

The writer and designer Kevin McCloud in each episode follows the stories of all those who have ambitiously decided to realize their dream and build a house following an impressive architectural project. Sacrifices and efforts, both physical and emotional, as well as economic, are the basis of every project. The periodic visits of the presenter to view the progress, the problems, the challenges and the victories are presented as they are and for this reason they have the indisputable advantage of bringing everyone closer to Architecture, the one with a capital A, showing it to us as something more close than it seems to us, currently scheduled on Sky channel 413 (DoveTv) and streaming on Netflix.

grandi progetti

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Who would have thought that a house could be built in 7 days? Ty Pennington and his team of architects, carpenters, planners and interior decorators can do it, and how.

The famous broadcast of the ABC, which reached 9 seasons before being suspended in 2013, has a total of 210 episodes, all identical in format: a family that is in great difficulty entrusts its dilapidated home to the expert hands of the team of technicians led by Ty Pennington and, in the time span of a week, which the family spends on vacation, the house is demolished and rebuilt, thinking about the real needs of those who will live there, and then returned to its legitimate owners. In short, entertainment and social events all rolled into one, and in fact many episodes were filmed in the areas hard hit by Hurricane Katrina, or by other natural disasters of more recent history. Of course, the purists who may have loved Grandi Progetti so much will turn up their noses, but Ty's spontaneity - with his megaphone - and the light-hearted altruism of his team are inimitable. An all-Italian edition was also made in 2013 under the guidance of Alessia Marcuzzi, but we prefer to forget it. Currently broadcast on La5, channel 30 of digital terrestrial.

extreme makeover home ed

I look for a house desperately

One of the cult programs of Discovery Real Time, still on the air 10 years after its first broadcast.

A success due to the linearity of the format - a person looks for a house, a real estate broker helps him find it - and the skill of his "protagonist", Paola Marella, a real estate agent successfully lent to television, capable, with style and discretion, of making something in itself absolutely normal and perhaps boring for many credible and exciting. Supported by several architects who have succeeded one another over the years, in some of the most beautiful locations in Italy and beyond.

cerco casa disperatamente

Brothers in business

One of the great successes of the American channel HGTV, loaned to our television. As the title says - the original "Property Brothers»- the protagonists of this show are two twin brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, the first building contractor, the second real estate agent. In each episode they follow a couple in the search, purchase and renovation of their dream home. Homes that need extensive renovations are deliberately presented to show the potential of each property and the need, when buying a house, to be flexible and also to compromise. Obviously, in the end, the result is always above the standard. expectations Currently scheduled on Cielo, channel 26 of digital terrestrial.

fratelli in affari

The second home is never forgotten

Let's go back to a properly real estate format and this too all Italian. Protagonists Giulia Garbi And Nicola Saraceno, she is a real estate agent, he is an architect, who battle each other to best interpret the needs of a couple looking for their "second" dream home.

And it is in this detail that the particularity and, in our opinion, the beauty of this program lies: Giulia and Nicola are looking for a holiday home with a budget that usually make your head spin and take us around the most beautiful tourist places of Italy and beyond, showing us buildings full of charm and history, postcard landscapes and dreamlike views.

The two of them then, as a "couple" are very well matched and work perfectly. Currently in programming on LeiTV, channel 129 and 130 of Sty, and on Fine Living, channel 49 of digital terrestrial.

la seconda casa non si scorda mai

Custom house

One of the most famous programs abroad - is broadcast on HGTV - recently arrived in Italy in the programming of Fine Living on digital terrestrial. Star of the program a real couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines, husband and wife, he is a building contractor and she is an interior designer.

In each episode they follow and help a couple to obtain the home of their wishes by restoring the homes with the greatest charm and potential to their former glory.

There is talk of renovations therefore, which are so famous among fans and fans of the program that they have been studied, analyzed and copied in all details. I mean, everyone loves Chip and Joanna, and we have to admit they really know how to do it.

Currently programming on Fine Living, on channel 49 of digital terrestrial, and if you want to browse a bit in the community of fans and enthusiasts that revolves around it, the original title of the program is "Fixer Upper".

Good fun!

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