Alessandra Micolucci's summer collection
Alessandra Micolucci's summer collection

We tell you about the Spring-Summer 2017 of the Venetian designer, inspired by nature and fabrics, designed for a contemporary woman

The nature of clothing and the complexity of plant nature. Alessandra Micolucci, Venetian designer, in his second collection, presents the Spring-Summer 2017, a series of garments inspired by banana fiber and its use in textiles.

We chatted with her about the new collection and her inspirations.


Tell us the creative process behind creating your latest collection. In addition to the banana fiber, how were the pieces of SS 2017 born?

I am very instinctive in creation. The first step is to search for fabrics that convey particular tactile and visual emotions to me, the same ones that I then try to convey in the garments. The second step is to create an ad hoc pattern for each fabric, which can enter into symbiosis with the same sensations that the material transmitted to me. Finally, I make a quick drawing, almost without looking at the paper. My creative process, therefore, I would define "from what comes what" without leaving anything to chance.


This is your second collection. What is the greatest difficulty you encounter in your profession?

The most difficult thing is to manage all the work alone, to create each new collection simultaneously following the production of the previous one, all keeping up with the strict deadlines of the fashion seasons.

What is the positive side instead?

I find it liberating to no longer be part of the classic pyramid scheme that structures most Italian companies. Having no one above or below is a great privilege. The satisfactions in this way are extremely pure and real.


The cuts of your garments are deliberately versatile. What's your idea of ​​femininity today?

I'm not interested in enhancing the "curves", the classic stereotype. My idea of ​​femininity has nothing to do with the outward appearance of a person, it must exude from tenacity, strength, perseverance, the desire to solve any kind of problem and then of course, if the result of these efforts can being a dress, this becomes my "idea of ​​femininity".

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