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Who the influencers really are: the books by Ferragni, Biasi, Nasti and the others
Who the influencers really are: the books by Ferragni, Biasi, Nasti and the others

If you want to find out what's behind the highly followed Instagram profiles of influencers, read the books they wrote

The life of influencers it is not made only of photos to post on social networks, but also of words: those written on their blogs, but also those that occasionally some of them decide to put in a book.

Over the past few years they are many stars with thousands of followers that have published some books.

We point out those that worth reading if you want to better understand the world of (not only) fashion influencer.


Chiara Biasi, Chiaroscuri

In «Chiaroscuri» (Mondadori) Chiara Biasi tells about his twenty-six-year-old life on the crest of the wave, struggling with popularity and gossip.

It is a self-portrait in the form of a dictionary (here we tell you) not only of an influencer with a million followers (and more), but also of a girl in love with life.


Sofia Viscardi, It happens

Given that it's about to become a movie too (directed by the young Francesca Mazzoleni), the world has come to recover «It happens» by Sofia Viscardi (Mondadori).

The youtuber note gives us a novel that tells the story of a group of Milanese teenagers, struggling with studies and first loves.


Chiara Ferragni, The Blonde Salad

It is not a biography, but Chiara Ferragni has also published a book.

Is titled «The Blonde Salad. Style tips from Chiara Ferragni's most followed fashion blogger on the web " (Mondadori) and, as can be guessed, contains one straight series aesthetics to dress and be perfect on any occasion.

Always valid tips, even if the release dates back to 2013.


Chiara Nasti, Diary of a Fashion Blogger

Chiara Nasti he published, in 2014, a book entitled "Diary of a Fashion Blogger", written by four hands with the journalist Silvia Gianatti.

A volume dedicated mainly to his fans / followers, to whom also gives some style advice.


Irene Colzi, All in style

You can be trendy and elegant too if you have a low cost budget available.

The is convinced of it fashion influencer Irene Colzi, which explains his philosophy in "All in style!" (Mondadori), answering questions that over time have been asked by the readers of his blog, of all ages.


Elisa D'Ospina, A life full of curves

Another much loved influencer is definitely Elisa D'Ospina, become also famous as a curvy supermodel.

In his book "A life full of curves" (Giunti), released in 2014, tells about his life from the catwalks tocommitment against anorexia and bulimia, also teaching female readers how learn to love your body.


Clio Zammatteo, You are beautiful as you are

Desires can turn into reality and is convinced of it Clio Zamatteo, which with his Youtube channel Clio Make Up, revealed the secrets of a perfect make-up.

Her story, as an Italian who moved to New York with a suitcase full of dreams, is also found in the pages of novel "You are beautiful as you are" (Rizzoli) published in 2015.


Lucia Del Pasqua, That certain dependence on the enter key

He also chooses the key of the novel journalist-fashion blogger Lucia Del Pasqua with "That certain dependence on the enter key" (Baldini & Castoldi), released in 2015.

At the center the story of Penelope, who lives in a one-bedroom apartment with a cat and his Mac, where he spends hours writing fashion pieces.

She doesn't have a boyfriend, but things change when on Facebook knows a certain Yiannis, who unfortunately lives in Greece.


Manuela Vitulli, My Thailand

There are also some influencers who make us dream with open eyes talking about travel: it is the case of Manuela Vitulli, who published the book in 2016 «My Thailand. Story of a deep love " (goWare).

A guide-story which makes you want to leave immediately.


Giulia Nati, Behind the scenes of a fashion blogger

A useful guide for those who want to become a fashion blogger And "Behind the scenes of a fashion blogger" from Giulia Nati (Bolognese Editore), released last year, which recounts his direct experience.

And considering the level it has reached, it is to be trusted.

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