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Kate Winslet: "I'd like to work with Leonardo Di Caprio again"
Kate Winslet: "I'd like to work with Leonardo Di Caprio again"

Kate Winslet rekindles fans' hopes: "I'd love to work with Leo again"

Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio together again. This is the dream of millions of fans around the world who would like to see the two actors side by side once again, on the big screen but above all in real life.

Because while it is true that both of them do nothing but say that they are just friends and go on with their respective stories, it is equally true that for having acted together only twice, their bond seems much stronger than a simple friendship between colleagues.

No one has swallowed yet the fact that on that damned door of the Titanic two could be perfectly fine. We're all still looking for the happy ending between Kate and Leo, who doesn't look at anyone the way she does, at least in front of photographers.

In the meantime, here is what the person directly concerned thinks about it.

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Kate and Leo together again

During an interview with E! News, Kate has stated that she hopes to return soon to work with Leo, with whom there is a clear affinity. However, this hypothesis for the moment is pure fantasy: «For now there is nothing in the pipeline. There is nothing planned with me and Leo. But as always, I'd love to work with him again. And who knows after all? But it could happen when we are 70,”said the actress, dampening all enthusiasm, at least for the moment.

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The 2008 reunion

To tell the truth, the two already had a reunion a few years ago on the set of "Revolutionary Road", a film set in the 1950s in which they play the role of the classic happy couple in the eyes of society, but deeply marked by the crisis internally. Not really a happy story and above all with a happy ending. Which is why fans are still eagerly awaiting to see the two actors together again.

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The flashbacks

Kate is promoting her new film, The Mountain Between Us, in which she stars alongside Idris Elba. The two are two unknown survivors of a plane crash and forced to fight for their lives waiting for help on a snowy mountain in the middle of nature. An experience, that of acting in extreme conditions and in the cold, which reminded her of when she worked with Di Caprio: «Of course I thought about Titanic. How could I not do it? A freezing cold, I sinking into the frozen water. It is obvious that I have had reminiscences of that challenge at the limit of the limit of 20 years ago. But here it was more difficult because we were really 10 thousand feet high and with -38 degrees ».

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The advices

During the interview Kate also admitted that she had spoken with Leo for some advice on how to deal with the cold and filming in extreme conditions, given her experience with "The Revenant": "Leonardo and I talked before I started to turn around and he said to me "Oh my God, you're crazy. It's going to be damn cold. Are you sure you know what you're getting into?" But the actress went on her way, updating her friend from time to time: "I sent him pictures of me during the shoot that said" Thinking of you "while I was lying in the snow covered with ice and he he would only reply with a worried emoji. '

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Twenty years of friendship

2017 marks the twentieth anniversary of the release of "Titanic" in theaters. At the time, the two were very young, he in full climb to success and the idol of millions of girls, she highly appreciated by the Hollywood that counts. On the big screen they made sparks, reducing to tears all the spectators who could not enjoy the happy ending of Jack and Rose.

During these twenty years, every time they met during some awards they could not stay apart. Then in 2009 the actress took the stage of the Golden Globes to receive an award and among the thanks he puts it too: "Leo I'm so happy to see you here and to be able to tell you how much I love you - said the actress - and how much I have you loved in these 13 years ". Too bad that in English the verb "love" is used when you want to express a very strong feeling, whether it is love or, as in this case, friendship.

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The hope of the fans

However, when the two met at the 2016 Oscars, it seemed clear to many that in reality their feeling is much deeper. On the red carpet they lent themselves to the photographers' lenses and during the evening they did nothing but exchange complicit glances. Then the exploit, when Di Caprio finally won his first Oscar: they immediately sought each other and she hugged him making everyone ask why these two are not convinced to be together. Leo could put an end to his slaughter of modeling hearts. A little more complicated from Kate's point of view, given that she has been happily married since 2012 and that at the time it was Leo who accompanied her to the altar.

For now we'll have to cross our fingers and hope to finally see them happily ever after, at least in a movie.

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