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Kim Kardashian: "I publish the photos only after I left that place"
Kim Kardashian: "I publish the photos only after I left that place"

From married life with Kanye West to the relationship with social media: Kim Kardashian talks about how she changed her life after the Paris robbery

The life of Kim Kardashian she hasn't been the same since she was robbed in her Paris hotel room.

Understandable, given the trauma suffered. For me yes Kim showed no signs of life on social media, still in shock and determined to detox from that system that allowed criminals to follow her moves through what she herself posted on Instagram.

An experience that has overturned its priorities, as she herself stated in a long interview on the television program The View, where she told how she reacted to what happened and how his approach to social media and family life has changed.

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The relationship with social networks

“I try to share my life, I love doing it, but now I try to be a little more careful to what I share,”Kim Kardashian confessed during the interview.

“I've learned the hard way that it is better not to put things in real time, but change them a little.

Now I take a picture, save it and the public when I left that place or when I'm already elsewhere because I don't think it worked so well to share every detail ».

The priorities

Kim understood that from that terrible experience she could draw a lesson: “I believe that things happen for a reason, you just need to be careful. And I got the message.

I learned a lot and something has had to change, even just the way I live my life.

The things that were important to me before and the things I loved to show first they are not the same ones that I like to show now».

The anniversary with Kanye out of the spotlight

The star, queen of selfies, took a step back after it happened, to focus on his family, especially after Kanye's troubles.

To celebrate the wedding anniversary with the rapper, on May 24th, Kim organized a low profile trip to Japan:

«I surprised him with a vacation in Japan, a place he likes to go to catch his breath and find inspiration.

It was great for me because I had never been there and we had talked many times about how nice it would be to go together ».

About the stolen photos

During the interview Kim also wanted to respond to the controversy that exploded later the publication of the stolen photos during his last vacation in Mexico, where he was showing a lot of water retention, normally banned from her Instagram shots.

“I saw those photos posted during my trip to Mexico and I think they are absolutely retouched.

Certainly I'm not in my best shape, this is true. I haven't done any exercises for over 12 weeks e I underwent two operations on the uterus. But maybe this is a bit too much », commented the star.

The third child in the yard

Regarding the operation undergone, it is now known that Kim can no longer get pregnant due to a physical problem called placenta accreta, the same one for which the two previous pregnancies were declared at risk.

But she and Kanye don't want to settle for North and Saint and they seem intent on having a third child with the help of a surrogate mother.

The hypothesis emerged during an episode of the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians and was also confirmed by the site Tmz, according to which the couple would have already informed in an agency who would have asked them for 45 thousand dollars.

The new make up line

In the last few hours Kim has been struggling with the launch of her new make-up line, the KKW Beauty, announced - of course - via Instagram with a series of photos, videos and tutorials.

Even this move, however, caused discussion, because in the images the reality star appeared darker than usual and was accused of blackface, that is, of trying to look like a black person, an attitude that often comes accused of racism.

The answer was not long in coming: «Obviously I never wanted to offend anyone. I used an incredible team and I was really tanned when we took those photos.

Nobody in the company found those images out of place. Of course I have the utmost respect for why people resented, but we made the necessary changes to the shots and I learned from what happened ».

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