Discovering Franciacorta with Alessia Bossi
Discovering Franciacorta with Alessia Bossi

The cuisine of Franciacorta is a very pleasant discovery, an equally prestigious restaurant has established itself in its land that moves between tradition and experimentation and which is intertwined with a tasty and deep-rooted local cuisine.

In the early afternoon, after tastings, some relaxation and a nice walk through the vineyards and in the village of Nigoline of Corte Franca we went discovering Lake Iseo where a traditional boat was waiting for us for a tour under the warm sun and on the emerald green water.

We walked the perimeter of Monte Isola, one of the "most beautiful villages in Italy" and the largest inhabited lake island in Europe. Along its slopes and on the shores of the lake there are some picturesque inhabited centers with an ancient flavor, where arts and crafts of the past are well preserved, in particular the manufacture of fishing nets as well as the manufacture of typical wooden fishing boats.: the naécc.

Reaching the top of the island, near the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Ceriola, you can enjoy the 360 ​​° panorama of the lake.

In Monte Isola, two private islets of breathtaking beauty act as satellites to the north and south: Loreto and San Paolo.

It was pleasant to discover that at such a short distance from Milan there is an area that offers a highly versatile eno-gastronomic, cultural, naturalistic and sporting panorama, we have already pinned some tips for the next trip out of town.


Photo Credits: Morena Maci

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