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Micellar waters: must-haves and novelties
Micellar waters: must-haves and novelties

Easy to use, the micellar waters cleanse deeply without attacking the skin. We have selected the best ones to try

The advantage ofmicellar water? Deep cleanses without damaging the hydro-lipid barrier of the skin, which protects us from external aggressions. In addition, it is an easy to use product and it is delicate.

The credit belongs to micelles, small purifying bubbles that act like magnets, capturing impurities and make-up residues and, at the same time, moisturize and soothe the skin which is immediately brighter.

No wonder it is for this reason one of the favorite products for those who want fast solutions. In addition, by now all the proposals, in particular the biphasic waters, are able to remove the waterproof makeup.

We have selected for you must-have products and the Announcements. Find the best proposal for your needs.

Moisturizing Micellar Water by Somatoline Cosmetics

It has a detoxifying action that promotes oxygenation and revitalization of the skin. Also suitable for the most sensitive skin.

Acqua micellare somatoline

Sensibio H2O by BIODERMA Micellar Water

It cleanses and removes make-up from face and eyes and soothes irritated skin, even the most sensitive one, giving, at the same time, an immediate sensation of freshness.


Avène micellar cleansing and makeup remover lotion

On the one hand it cleanses with agents that respect the hydrolipidic film, on the other hand it soothes thanks to Avène thermal water. It has a light and delicate fragrance and contains few ingredients.

AVENE Lozione micellare_200ml

Defense Micellar Water of Bionike

In a single gesture, it cleanses and removes make-up from face, eyes and lips, also removing waterproof make-up. It has a delicate formula that preserves the skin barrier, giving comfort and freshness.


Be Pure Struccatutto by Diego Dalla Palma

It is a biphasic micellar water. The underlying phase, enriched with Oxygen Flow, cleanses and removes residues of smog and impurities, leaving the skin free to breathe. The upper phase, rich in oils (including chia oil and passionflower), quickly removes all makeup residues.


Dior Hydra Life Instant Cleansing Micellar Water

It is a micellar water that combines make-up removal power with a fresh and comfortable texture. Thanks to the extract of Echinacea flowers and micelles, it eliminates all impurities and traces of make-up from the face and eyes in a single gesture.


QC Terme face make-up remover micellar water

It is also suitable for the most sensitive skin thanks to the use of delicate and “green” surfactants. The linden extract, soothing and rebalancing, the heather extract, with a smoothing action, and the thermal waters, guarantee the skin the right level of hydration.

flac 200 Acqua Micellare

Garnier Skinactive Micellar Gel and Biphase Micellar Water

The first is a rinsing make-up remover gel that cleanses and removes make-up at the same time, the second is a biphasic solution infused with Argan Oil, ideal for waterproof make-up.


Roche-Posay Eau Micellaire Ultra

It has a physiological pH and is formulated with thermal water. It contains no soap or alcohol, and is made up exclusively of mild surfactants and glycerin for optimal tolerance of sensitive skin.


Sephora pomegranate micellar gel

This micellar gel, with a fresh and melting texture, reduces the friction of the cotton on the skin and removes make-up in a pleasant way. Enriched with Pomegranate, it energizes the skin that appears less tired.

Sephora – Gelee_micellaire_Grenade_BD

Skin Labo active cleansing micellar water

It captures and removes impurities, excess sebum, make-up and pollutants, gently cleansing and removing make-up without drying it out. In addition, it moisturizes, soothes reducing redness and has a detoxifying action, leaving the skin fresh and luminous.

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