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Harry gave Meghan Markle a ring
Harry gave Meghan Markle a ring

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle one step away from their engagement: he has already given her a ring (but he has not yet asked for it as a wife, it seems)

Prince Harry gave Meghan Markle a diamond ring, but if you think this means that they are officially engaged, you are off track. Almost.

The scion of the Windsor house wanted to pay homage to his girlfriend with a jewel that expressed all his love and that made it clear to the whole world how much their relationship is going well (in case there were any doubts).

However the actress avoid showing it too much in public, both to avoid feeding gossip and because, according to those close to her, she goes wide and fears losing it.

For the ring, the real one, we'll have to wait a little longer, but it is clear that this too has a strong symbolic value.


Meghan Markle's ring

As revealed to the Mail on Sunday by an insider who works on the set of "Suits", the series in which the actress stars, "the ring is a gold band with a diamond in the center that Harry gave her about six weeks ago».

Meghan herself showed the gift: "She was happy to tell people on the set that it was a gift from him, but that she is a bit wide and for this reason always be careful not to lose it.

It is clear that the ring has a gorsso sentimental value for her and finding it harder and harder to stay away from Harry. '

All Harry's gifts

This is not the first jewel that Harry gives her.

It all started with a blue bracelet that the two wore (and continue to wear) from the early days when their story was made public, she on the left wrist, he on the right.

The Prince then gave her as a gift another bracelet, much more precious, signed Cartier, worth over 6 thousand euros.

It is one of the models of the Love line, of those which are closed with the screwdriver, as a sign of the bond that unites those who receive it to their loved one.

Meghan was also paparazzi with one necklace with charms that indicated her initials and Harry's.

The meaning of jewels

"Meghan feels closer to Harry when she wears the jewels he gave her and it is he himself who wants to make symbolic gestures that show his love», Added the source, who continues:

“He often gave away something symbolic to his girlfriends, especially bracelets. But the fact that he gave her a ring can be called an upgrade over plain bracelets.

She takes it off for the shoot, but puts it back immediately after».

The birthday present

The next August 4 Meghan Markle will turn 36 and we already know what is the gift that Prince Harry has in store for the birthday of his beloved.

According to British tabloids, in particular the Daily Star, the 32-year-old redhead has already talked to some dealers to get the actress a Mini John Cooper Works Countryman, whose starting price is 40 thousand euros.

Apparently Harry did inspired by the film "An Italian shot", the same one from which the remake "The Italian Job" was taken, which saw the Mini dart on the road.

How much is missing from the wedding

It is now more and more evident that it is only a matter of time for Harry to ask Meghan to marry him.

The two seem intent on to live together, albeit with distant periods due to her work as an actress, and according to some the first love nest could be Kensington Palace, in an apartment adjacent to the one being renovated for the return to London of Kate and William.

But not only that, because the clues that suggest that the big step is now imminent there are many, starting with kisses that they shared in public during a polo tournament (even knowing that someone would have paparazzi them), up to closing of Meghan's lifestyle blog and the change of register - more suitable for a future princess - on social networks.

The approval of the Queen

Meghan he has already met a large part of the family Harry's (or at least those that matter).

The only thing missing is The Queen, the one who has the power to veto and shatter every dream of love.

According to an old law, in fact, the first six descendants in line of succession to the throne they must have the approval of the sovereign in order to get married.

Being Harry fifth in line of succession he too must comply with the Royale Marriages Act.

It must be said, however, that so far Elizabeth II never denied her consent and that therefore we will only have to wait for the moment when Her Majesty and Meghan Markle will meet to understand when the wedding will really be upon us.

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