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Everything there is to know about Miriam Leone
Everything there is to know about Miriam Leone

Curiosity, private life, career in cinema and on TV of Miriam Leone, a successful (former) Miss Italy

Natural, simple and refined, Miriam Leone, on Instagram as on TV and in the cinema, it always strikes for its charm and style.

But from the debut in the beauty contest Miss Italy - elected in 2008, at 23, after having been eliminated and then fished out to the grand final - the actress and TV presenter Sicilian has come a long way.

Emerald green eyes and fair skin, her lean and slender body certainly does not go unnoticed (such as the famous nude scene and the butt that so much made viewers dream of in 1992), but her audience has learned to love her also for gentle manners, delicacy and intellectual refinement, inheritance of an upbringing and education received in the family - in particular from the father - since childhood.

That's who Miriam Leone is, curiosities about his private life, childhood and adolescence in Sicily, the career in TV and cinema, passions, dreams in the drawer.

Miriam Leone curiosita famiglia passioni film vita privata carriera miss italia amori love story

Miriam Leone: age, height, particular signs

First name Miriam Leone

Date and place of birth Born on April 14, 1985 in Catania. It grows in Acireale

Zodiac sign Aries

Height and weight 1,77 m for 62 kg

Particular signs 100% Sicilian, very tied to its origins and the values ​​of its land.

Its strong points Beautiful and cultured, it is the symbol of a femininity of the past.

Miriam Leone film tv carriera vita curiosita famiglia passioni miss italia amori love story

Family, childhood, education

The family The father, Ignazio Leone, a Latin teacher, and his mother Gabriella met at school, where he taught. She was a barely legal student. Miriam was born when the mother he was only nineteen. Shortly after, his brother Sergio arrives.

Childhood Miriam Leone as a child was the classic bookworm. To please her father, a professor who only gave her books learn to read at the age of four. On the other hand, she grows up alongside a permissive mother, contemporary and more generous in feelings. A free and artistic spirit, just like Miriam Leone is.

As a Teenager In addition to studying and reading many books in my free time he writes poems and goes trekking on Etna.

Instruction He follows the humanities studies, takes the classical high school diploma and attends the faculty of Arts with specialization in arts and entertainment at the University of Catania.

The child's dream To marry Piero Angela because, as he declared, "he knows everything".

Miriam Leone vita love story curiosita famiglia passioni film carriera miss italia amori

Curiosities, vices and charms of Miriam Leone

The lucky number 97

Tattoos Miriam has a red colored lily on her left side

The auburn hair They are dyed. Its natural color is chestnut.

She is superstitious As long as it was with her, she carried it in her wallet as a lucky charm a whisker of his beloved cat Gaetano.

Habits He prefers a dinner with friends to social events. AND very private even in private life. In the evening she loves to shut up at home, cook and pamper herself even if she is alone.

When he's not on set Study dance, acting, singing. He wants to fill his gaps, not having attended the Academy.

The character he wanted to play Black Mamba in Kill Bill.

The "trauma" as a child One night while watching TV she came across Laura Palmer's body and was traumatized.

Miriam Leone curiosita famiglia vita passioni film carriera miss italia amori love story

From Miss Italia to films and television programs

During the studies Experience a taste of the artistic world by working as a speaker for Radio Etna Espresso in conducting the Dupale program alongside Alessio Aloisi.

The first beauty contests During her school years she was elected queen of the Acireale Carnival in 2008; in the show The Year to Come by Carlo Conti she earned the title of Miss Before the Year 2008 and with this she entered the beauty contest Miss Italy.

After Miss Italy Miriam Leone begins his career on tv. From Uno Mattina Estate alongside Arnaldo Colasanti, to Wikitaly - Censimento Italia alongside Enrico Bertolino. He continues to present Mattina in famiglia and a few years later he is alongside Fabio Volo in Le Iene.

Then, her debut as an actress Miriam is in the cast of the small screen film The Rhythm of Life. First role in the cinema in the Italian comedy Genitori & Figli - shake well before use, alongside Luciana Littizzetto, Michele Placido, Elena Sofia Ricci, Max Tortora and Margherita Buy. Still on the small screen he plays small parts in the Police District and The Thirteenth Apostle. A few months later he starred for the big screen in The Usual Idiots - the movie.

The success A more consistent role in the second season of One Step From Heaven as Astrid. Finally the series trio 1992 - and then the sequel 1993 -, The veiled lady And Do not kill.

The golden moment of Miriam Leone The entry into the cast of the fiction event I Medici and in two films: At war for the love of Pif and Make beautiful dreams by Marco Bellocchio.

Miriam Leone vita curiosita passioni film carriera miss italia amori love story famiglia

Scattered quotes …

Of male beauty "It doesn't strike me that much, I've been with ugly men in the past."

At the turn of 30 years "That phase of 'cuteness' for which you never say no, you do not want to displease anyone, you do nothing but please" is over in me.

Of the nude in 1993 "Dad and my ex boyfriends didn't take it well, but my exes reacted almost worse than my father. I was afraid of making a mistake, but the series was very well written. I felt the need to make that leap ».

Of youth in Sicily «I felt different: I was blondish with clear eyes in the Sicily of Acireale. There were those who addressed me as if I were a foreigner. I was quite isolated ". Despite this Miriam Leone has a proud Sicilian character.

Of his Sicilian sickness "Do you know the energy of Etna? When I am tired, I lie down on a rock of lava stone, even if it is very hot, and I recharge. And the water under the volcano is sparkling, full of life. I took my last bath at Christmas ".

Of love «The eternal one exists, but it must be found. My story turned out to be wrong because Boosta, in the end, fell in love with another person ».

The Sicilianity of Miriam Leone “If someone disrespects me, I react. I don't mind. I often argue with those who throw a piece of paper on the ground, or with those who see me in difficulty while loading a baggage, stay still to enjoy the show ».

Miriam Leone and Miss Italy « The title of Miss Italy is like a diamond: it lasts forever. I feel tenderness for that moment of my life, I do not deny it at all ».

Miriam Leone amori vita curiosita famiglia passioni film carriera miss italia love story

… And statements

Of fidelity, at the time of the relationship with Boosta “Loyalty is for dogs. Only love can lead you to desire a single person, almost stripping them away. Love must fill you, keep you alive. It is something that has amazed me, and I am trying ».

Of his adolescence «I wanted to adhere to my family's wishes: graduation, marriage, children, house by the sea with terrace and barbecue. I have the house, the terrace and the barbecue. But I bought them all by myself, without the help of a man ".

Of motherhood “It is not an obligatory fate. There are women who do not want a child, others who cannot have one. All free ».

Nevertheless… She adopted a child from a distance and is a testimonial for Save the children.

Beautiful and good, good and beautiful "I built my career on something else, in my deck of cards that of appearance was the last one I played. A person is also formed on the scale of values ​​he has: if beauty is in the first place he will act accordingly”.

About mom Rai “It was a good TV, but at a certain point I felt in the wrong place. One day, during a live broadcast, I had the feeling that no one was saying what they really thought ».

Politics "I really do not care"

Of the importance of being self-deprecating "Only stupid people get angry when they are made fun of."

Of acting "Let's say that despite it being my dream, I did everything to not be an actress."

Miriam Leone miss italia vita curiosita famiglia passioni film carriera amori love story

Miriam Leone boyfriend, flirt, private life

The longest love story Miriam has been engaged for four years to Davide Dileo, in art Boosta, keyboardist and founder of Subsonica.

The meeting with Boosta Love at first sight at a concert: he on stage, she in the audience. They haven't stopped looking at each other since then.

After the end of the story with Boosta The actress is looking for herself, she is happy and satisfied even when single. In an interview he said: "I'm fine, really. They are like a fallow field, but it is normal, they are the cycles of life… being alone is good and this period will also help me to be a better companion in the future ».

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