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10 things to do when you break up
10 things to do when you break up

When you break up, you start a new life - and at least for a while it's time to put yourself first: here is a vademecum to do it great and in the end feel better than before

When we break up after a first moment in which it is inevitable (and also recommended) to pity and suffer in order to process the thing, you have to get back on track.

Roads divide and lives change, everyday life is transformed and must be rebuilt from scratch.

It's time for revolution, of changes, of head shots and impulsive decisions.

It's a time when be less strict with yourself, in which to forgive some excess.

What are the things that will help you get better? We have chosen ten that will make you get off to a great start in your new life.

arredare casa

1. Refurbish the house

When we break up even if you didn't share a house, it will be inevitable to see memories of the failed story everywhere.

Start the change here: you don't need a big budget or change all the furniture, just move something, repaint the walls, change the arrangement of the paintings on a wall.

Reconstruct yourself, literally, around a new life.

It's up to you to fix it however you like.

fare tardi la sera

2. Be late in the evening

Be late, you are single again and no one is waiting for you at home.

The best way to find a good mood is to look on the bright side of things - and specifically it means not having to answer to anyone.

Then better out partying than crying indoors tears on the pillow: go dancing and don't go home before dawn.

prenotare un viaggio

3. Book a trip

The world is so big and there are a lot of places to see.

Book a trip for your next vacation, why not, even alone if no one comes with you.

Only the gesture of confirming the payment of flights it will make you very happy and proud to have done so, then all that remains is to wait for the departure and in the meantime plan the itinerary.

Doubts and sadness stay at home

vecchie amiche

4. Reclaim old friendships

Many women tend to isolate themselves when they are engaged, they forget their friends, they neglect old friendships to go out only with him.

If you, too, have disappeared from circulation and have withdrawn into your relationship, put your fears aside and pick up the phone.

It's not nice to show up after four years with a "Hey, how's the time," but usually true friends forgive, they will not abandon you, but this will serve you from lesson for next time.

organizzare week end

5. Organize weekends

Fill in the agenda like that of a CEO: go and visit friends who live abroad or in other cities, go two days to a spa in the middle of nowhere with your friends, decide even at the last minute, you can afford these head shots, above all in the summer when to treat yourself a weekend by the sea can completely change the mood.


6. Try a new sport

Getting results from a sport is always good for self-esteem e it also makes you feel more beautiful, more confident, stronger.

Choose something that makes you throw out all the discomfort, let off steam and accumulate results, it doesn't matter if you've always been as lazy as mozzarella, this is your new life and you can do whatever you want, even suddenly become a sports person.

colore di capelli

7. Change color or haircut

A great classic, we always say that when you change you must also give it a cut and revolutionize your style: hair is our business card and in times of change they must represent what you are experiencing.

Dare, it is time to do it, do something you would never have thought of, make looking in the mirror become a surprise and a new pleasure.

Redraw yourself

rifarsi il guardaroba

8. Revolutionize the wardrobe

If your wardrobe is short of evening outfits because you haven't been out after eleven in the evening for so long, you need suitable clothes immediately to your new evenings and no, you absolutely cannot put what you put on during the day.

When a relationship ends, you need some outfits that boost your self-esteem instantly and make you feel beautiful, you need it.

eventi della città

9. Attend all the events in the city

Say yes to all the invitations they make to you, click I will participate on repeat, say yes to everything and rather packaged as if there was no tomorrow, the important thing is that you choose a place to go.

It does not matter if you haven't done the shopping in two weeks or if you haven't watched a TV series in a very long time, you spent enough time on the sofa when you were engaged, now it's time to go to all parties that man may have organized in the world.

There is life on Earth, you just didn't know.

baciare uno sconosciuto

10. Kissing a stranger

You need a ferryman, someone to guide you out of your old relationship, which makes you forget your ex.

Of course it won't be that automatic, but the thought of being able to watch and kiss other men should, at least for a few seconds, make you feel full of possibilities.

Keep in mind that out there they are not all diamonds, but during this time you should take it lightly don't plan for the long term, just think about how it makes you feel in that moment and then tomorrow you will see.

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