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Smashbox Cosmetics: the make up schools of Profumerie Limoni and La Gardenia
Smashbox Cosmetics: the make up schools of Profumerie Limoni and La Gardenia

Los Angeles at Limoni perfumeries And The Gardenia, the experience of Smashbox Cosmetics leads us to discover a new way of conceiving make-up.

Smashbox is an American professional brand, born in the photographic studios of the same name in LA from an idea of ​​the photographers Dean and Davis Factor, who decided to create a highly performing makeup line under the intense lights of the sets but also in the photographic and visual rendering.

In Italy Smashbox Cosmetics is on exclusive sale in the Limoni and La Gardenia perfumeries, where, this year, the Make Up Schools, the totally customized make-up courses dedicated to those who want to highlight their beauty with the advice of Smashbox experts.


Interview with Lisa Brugin, National Make Up Artist Smashbox

To get to the heart of the Make Up School Limoni and La Gardenia in partnership with Smashbox we met Lisa Brugin, National Make Up Artist Smashbox, who explained the peculiarity of the brand and because these makeup sessions are not to be missed.

Lisa Burgin, National Make Up Artist Smashbox Cosmetics Italia

Smashbox: must have products

Grace: What is the product that a woman who does not yet know Smashbox should try?

Lisa Brugin: "First of all the primer. The primer was the first product that made a difference in photographic studios, to meet the needs of the founder of the brand, Davis Factor, a professional photographer, who was looking for something that made make-up last for a long time, that had an excellent photographic yield, but that it was also extremely practical for the make-up artists who had to work with him. So fast, smart, easy to apply: Smashbox face primer is the product that made the biggest difference ".

Grace: Which foundation would you recommend instead?

"I would definitely recommend the Studio Skin foundation in its declinations, both the new Shaping Foundation than the classic Studio Skin because it is a foundation that responds to this new Smashbox concept that is the light concept. In the Smashbox studios, a room has been created, a studio called Flashbox, in which there is a make-up chair surrounded by a large number of professional lights. There are settings that reproduce various lighting conditions within this room. Cold neon, daylight, sunset light, flash light, just to test the reaction of all the products, the yield they have in all the light conditions in which we can find ourselves in real life. Our foundation perfects the complexion and gives a second effect skin in all light conditions ".

A Smashbox make up artist during a Make Up School

The secrets to perfect contouring

Grace: The first contouring palette arrived in Italy is that of Smashbox, Step-By-Step Contour Kit, what are your expert tips for a good contouring?

Lisa Brugin: "Contouring has to be like push-up for a woman. It has to be worn under clothes, you have to see the effect, but it is not to be seen what's up! Lately there has been a lot of talk about contouring as a trend, but it is a technique that make-up artists have always used to harmonize faces. The important thing is that it is always natural, harmonized with the tone of the skin and the shape of the face ".


Make Up School Smashbox: why participate

Grace: Why should our readers participate in the Make Up School Limoni and La Gardenia in partnership with Smashbox?

Lisa Brugin: "During the Smashbox Make Up School the staff Limoni and La Gardenia and also our Make up artists share tip & tricks with those who participate, all those little secrets and the technique that we take from the experience of the brand born in the photographic studios. the customer can learn the tricks of the pros, and have fun playing with light, playing with textures, making the Smashbox experience that is born on the most important sets its own."

Grace: How are the Make Up School lessons held?

Lisa Brugin: "It's about individual lessons, totally dedicated to the customer who can choose when to do it and which themes to learn. We currently offer 5 menus that substantially embrace all areas of make-up, from base to contouring, from eye to lip make-up. It is a time to learn something new and professional in an atmosphere of confidentiality, because it is about a completely tailor made lesson, made to measure ".

Smashbox make up artists will guide you in creating your look

The Smashbox & Grace contest

Big surprises are on the way for readers of Grace Magazine And stay tuned and let yourself be overwhelmed by the energy and edgy style of Smashbox and the Make Up School 2017 by Profumerie Limoni and La Gardenia with an exclusive contest not to be missed. One of the prizes up for grabs? The opportunity to visit the Smashbox photo studios in London!

During the Make Up School the make up artists will follow you with suggestions and tips

For more details about the Make Up School by Smashbox and to book your make-up session, visit the official websites of Profumerie Limoni and La Gardenia.

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