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Pizzerias Milan: the best pizzas of 2017
Pizzerias Milan: the best pizzas of 2017

Capers… What a Pizza

Piazza Santa Maria del Suffragio, 3

The management of Capperi… Che Pizza! is clear: ingredients of the highest quality between Slow Food Presidia and small producers, long leavening, ancient grains and very high hydration, different for each dough. Then tomato water (red and yellow) in the dough which give color and a slightly more savory taste to the pizza.



Via Fatebenefratelli, 2

Milanese eco-restaurant par excellence, here all the paper plates are made with exquisitely organic raw materials.

The quality of the ingredients gives the pizzas an authentic flavor that satisfies the palate.

The slow rising and the flours used guarantee lightness.


Garage pizza & co

Corso Sempione, 42

Industrial-style location where to taste light and crunchy pizzas.

The long leavening doughs are made with a base of stone-ground organic flours.

The toppings vary from the classics of Neapolitan tradition to the proposals with a white base and seasoned with an infinite variety of ingredients.



Via Eugenio Villoresi, 71/73, 20010 Vittuone MI

It is worth getting away from the center of Milan, to reach the province and exactly Vittuone since the Dell’Angolo pizzeria is a restaurant capable of combining the hospitality of family-run premises to a cuisine that respects traditions, but with that creative touch capable of surprising.


Gourmet Pizza by Giuseppe Vesi

Via Ugo Bassi, 8

Just landed in Milan, Giuseppe Vesi's gourmet pizza is made with 100% Italian stone ground wheat flour and stuffed with excellence of the territory like the San Marzano Dop, the Corbarino and the Piennolo of Vesuvius, the integral sea salt from Trapani, the capers and oregano from Salina, the anchovies from Menaica, the meats and salami of Nero Casertano and Maremmana.


The Gourmet Taverna

Via Andrea Maffei, 12

The Neapolitan pizza perfectly leavened, it welcomes creations that are worthy of the kitchen of a great restaurant.

It is no coincidence that a tasting of four flavors of pizza signed by great Chefs.

CAVIAR: steamed sturgeon, creme fraiche, Siberian caviar and a veil of dehydrated caviar. Pizza made by Chef Roberto DI Pinto, Executive Chef of the Bulgari Hotel Milano.

CEVICE: golden onion molasses, sea lettuce marinated with citronette, prawns in cevice, chilli jam and carousel. Pizza made by the "hosts" Chefs Leonardo Giannico and Vincenzo Masi.

JAMAR: Jamar cheese, Avezzano red potatoes, liquid rocket, papaya foam and cucumbers in osmosis. Pizza made by Starred chef Igles Corelli.

VICO EQUENSE - SHORT ROUND TRIP: smoked provola, Bra sausage, peeled Amalfi lemon. Pizza made by Starred chef Gennaro Esposito.


Lievità Sottocorno and Ravizza

Via Carlo Ravizza, 11 and Via Pasquale Sottocorno, 17

Nutritious, light, gourmet: only three adjectives to describe the creations of master pizza maker Giorgio Caruso, its careful selection and the wise combination of ingredients.


Rise Live Bistrot

Via Daniele Manin, 2, 20871 Vimercate MB

We move in the province of Monza to discover Rise Live Bistrot.

The name reveals the philosophy of the place. He laughed for its innumerable meanings: rise, rise, grow; live because it is a place to live; And bistro because it is an informal place to feel at home.

The poposte pizzas, on the plate and in wedges, they are all made with local excellences and Slow Food presidia.

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