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12 beautiful cave pools in Santorini
12 beautiful cave pools in Santorini

Still undecided about the holiday destination? This gallery of cave pools in beautiful Santorini could help you choose

Santorini it is famous in the world for its crystalline sea but also, if not above all, for its white architecture built on the cliffs of the "caldera", the old volcanic crater sunk into the sea from which it originated.

These structures, whitewashed by hand in a very white lime to reflect the rays of the warm sun, almost seem to have always been there, like organic elements that nature has decided to give us, emerging from the rock like a small miracle.

And among blue domes, stone streets and old and suggestive mills, here are small blue mirrors. It's cave pools, partially or completely covered by stone and plaster arches, private - here the distances between the buildings are canceled - and exposed at the same time.

12 beautiful cave pools in Santorini

which also meet utility needs, such as ensuring shelter from the sun and above all refreshment in those areas of the island from which it is difficult to reach the sea.

Here, in the gallery, a selection of the most beautiful cave pools. Luxurious, romantic and unique, like Santorini.

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