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Diesel Black Gold: how a collection is born
Diesel Black Gold: how a collection is born

From inspiration to the catwalk: how a collection is born

The creation of a collection begins months before: it begins by collecting ideas and suggestions and then translating it into something real. We met the Creative Director of Diesel Black Gold, Andreas Melbostad, a few days before the spring-summer 2018 show dedicated to Men's Fashion where the brand has decided to also show women's fashion to strongly emphasize its intention to keep up with the times and indeed, to anticipate them.


Let's start from the base: we all ask it all the time but in this case, in front of the tables where the models are being cut and sewn "live", this question makes more sense than ever. Where do you get inspiration?

It is the first time that we organize a show where we show the garments for men and women and to achieve it we started from our essence: the stimuli of streetwear. The feeling is urban with nineties accents, we imagined girls and boys walking the streets of New York, I am originally from NYC and this influences me a lot in the style. The idea is precisely to take inspiration from that sporty mix mixed with other garments, so characteristic of the street, which leads to a urban wardrobe, eclectic and original. You can have a super feminine dress worn over a t-shirt, a striped dress with sporty leggings or, for the male part, a classic one black jacket played down by a t-shirt. They are all items that we know very well, but we can reinterpret them in the light of a contemporary vision.

Diesel Black Gold: the preparation of the Men's / Women's SS 2018 collections

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, or even with small flowers. THE sporty details they are the common denominators of the entire collection because they recur in almost all the garments that, mixed with other grunge-flavored clothes, complete the picture.

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What are the key pieces?

Seen the "mixable" heart of the collection for girls are right the clothes to overlap to sporty garments (such as t-shirts or leggings) and ours for boys iconic biker jacket in black leather revisited in an unprecedented short-sleeved parka cut or a very classic tailored but sleeveless jacket. And they are all garments that perfectly adapt to layering.

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What does it mean for you to combine men's and women's fashion?

Renzo Rosso had this intention for some time, he has always wanted to do it and has always played by mixing genders, so it was natural to get there. Now even the experts are ready to receive both collections at the same time. If it is true that men's / women's garments are different in some cases, it is also true that the creation process to make it happeni concretely is almost similar. It's all part of the same way of telling fashion for us. There is also a logistical aspect: we have always been asked to have the women's collection in the showrooms as soon as possible and it is important to be able to show our work in its entirety even to buyers who already know our mood. Specifically, then they can come and touch the clothes with the resee with their hands and have the pulse of our entire collection for both men and women as I said before. This is an ongoing challenge and over time we will be able to further improve a number of aspects thanks to the feedback we will receive.


What about the accessories?

Both women's and men's shoes look to the "worker" style. There are boots with an indestructible look but in light colors, sporty sandals for men, chunky shoes for girls with tank soles but checked in front in classic black or antique pink. Then belts to enhance the waist. The bags are reminiscent of bucket bag but they look more like "cages" with intertwining leather, for boys the must-haves are backpacks with a sporty feeling.

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From ideas to the catwalk through to the creation of the complete look: discover the backstage of the Diesel Black Gold Men's / Women's collection for SS 2018 by browsing our gallery!

Diesel Black Gold SS 2018: all the photos from the backstage exclusively

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Ph.: Daniela Losini

Hair: Paul Hanlon @ Julian Watson Agency

Make up: Pat McGrath @Streeters London

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