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Ten love books to read this summer
Ten love books to read this summer

Make way for romance in this long hot summer: here are the books to read if you fancy a good love novel

Summer has always been the season of great loves, therefore in the bag and in the suitcase they can not be absolutely missing romantic books to get into the mood and disconnect the brain from everything else.

From fictional to autobiographical stories, from emerging authors to pop stars and youtubers, there is really plenty of choice.

We suggest ten books to read if what you want are some beautiful love stories.


The Unwritten Pages of Our Love, by Felicity Hayes-McCoy

In "The Unwritten Pages of Our Love" (tre60) Felicity Hayes-McCoy tells the story of Hanna that, after getting divorced, he decides to return to his native country, i.e. Lissbeg in Ireland.

Here it starts work for the small local library, which at some point the authorities will threaten to close by bringing out the fighting side of the woman, which has decided to still believe in the future.


The Ballroom, by Anna Hope

With «The ballroom» (Ponte alle Grazie) by Anna Hope we do a dip in the England of 1911.

We are, to be precise, in a military asylum where men and women live apart and can only meet once a week in a grand ballroom.

This is where love is born between Ella Fay suffering from hysterics and John Mulligan, who instead tries to cure his depression.


It happens, by Sofia Viscardi

It is a delicate and romantic novel «It happens» (Mondadori) by Sofia Viscardi.

The note youtuber tells the story of Margherita, a clumsy and insecure girl struggling with study, friendships and above all the first kisses.

Milan is the background, with its spaces and its premises.


Only in summer, by Andrea Danesi

The journalist Andrea Danesi underlines in "Solo d'estate" (L'Erudita) how much this season is strange, magical and bringer of encounters.

Like the one between Arianna and Claudio, apparently different but in reality so similar that they cannot help but bond with one another.


Now only you exist, by Bianca Atzei

The Italian pop star Bianca Atzei makes her debut as a writer with the novel "Now only you exist" (Mursia) which, through its protagonists Bianca and Laura, tells the story of courage to go beyond fears to find the strength to love again without giving up being themselves.


Before It's Tomorrow, by Clare Swatman

With «Before it's tomorrow» (Mondadori) the writer Clare Swatman investigates the difficulty finding a soul mate or not noticing when you have it in front of your eyes.

An example are the protagonists of this novel, And and Zoe, that life draws near and away several times.


It Happened One Summer Night, by Rosy Milicia

It is set in beautiful Sicily "It Happened One Summer Night" (Amazon) by Rosy Milicia.

The protagonist is Eva Catalano, considered the most beautiful girl in her country, who one day meets Massimo De Sanctis again, his first love as well as companion of every summer.

They haven't seen each other for ten years, but it is not certain that there is nothing left between them.


An invincible summer, by Filippo Nicosia

In «An invincible summer» (Giunti Editore) Filippo Nicosia tells the story of Diego, who suddenly loses his father and, finding himself alone, ends up taking refuge in his own passion for reading and cooking.

That was until Martina does not arrive in her life, which overwhelms him with all the thrill and the doubts of first love.


The End of Loneliness, by Benedict Wells

They are called Jules and Alva the protagonists de "The End of Solitude" (Salani) by Benedict Wells.

Theirs are two solitudes that cross, they are sought and are lacking.

During the years they struggle to recognize what they are feeling one for the other.


Through France, by Roberto Giardina

It is defined a sentimental guide "Through France" (Bompiani) by Roberto Giardina.

The author takes us by the hand in fact a journey through the French-speaking territories (France and Belgium), in which each stage corresponds to a series of personal memories.

It reminds us, in fact, that the soul of a place it is above all the result of the personalities of those who have lived and crossed it.

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