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After sun: how to choose the right one
After sun: how to choose the right one

Never without after sun: repairs, soothes and hydrates after sun exposure. We tell you how to choose the right one

After a day in the sun, the skin she is stressed, reddened And dehydrated because the hydrolipidic mantle has been impoverished by the action of the sun's rays. To the rescue come ad hoc formulas rich in vitamins, nutrients and moisturizing elements that restore to the skin the well-being lost during exposure and after a day in contact with salt.

How to find the right after sun? In addition to ensuring the presence of soothing and moisturizing formulations ideal for your skin - for the more sensitive ones there are specific products - you can choose according to the texture.

If you love ease of application and practicality, you will choose a after sun spray while those who prefer a more full-bodied solution and love to massage the skin, will opt for a milk or one cream rich. L'oil, on the other hand, it is ideal for those who love luminous and satin skin, finally the gel texture they are particularly recommended for those with impure skin or who want super-fast absorption.

We have selected for you some novelties and must-haves to put in your summer beauty bag: find the after-sun that best suits your needs.

Rilastil Sun System After Sun Spray

It is an after-sun with a light and rapidly absorbed texture dedicated to sensitive skin. The spray makes the product easy to apply and immediate relief. The skin is immediately softer and more elastic and the tan is prolonged.


Moisturizing and regenerating after-sun milk by Dermolab

A fluid emulsion with a light and easily absorbed texture, ideal for both face and body. Thanks to its formula, it regenerates the skin subjected to the oxidative stress of ultraviolet radiation (Pro-DNA Complex®).


After Sun by The Organic Pharmacy

Instantly calms by helping to prolong the browning of the tan. If Apricot and Shea butter moisturize parched skin, Rosehip and Aloe soothe. Finally, Calendula and Nettle extract repair the skin leaving it soft and smooth. For those who love organic products.

After Sun

Delicate After Sun Lotion by Alma K

It is an easily absorbed moisturizer with a revitalizing complex of butters, natural vegetable oils and botanical extracts, which, combined with the moisturizing power of Dead Sea minerals, provide unique relief after sun exposure. Also perfect for the most delicate skin.

Alma K Sun Care_Lozione Doposole Delicata

Avène After Sun Restructuring Milk

Soothing, moisturizing and refreshing, this milk, in addition to being hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, is suitable for the most sensitive skin.

AVENE SOLARI Ristrutturante dopo sole_400ml

After Sun Regenerating Moisturizing Cream-Balm by Clarins

Quenches thirst intensely. The extracts of Sunflower and Mimosa tenuiflora soothe and restructure, while the extracts of Watermelon and Shea butter rehydrate and smooth the skin. Finally, the Safflower extract is a tanning activator that makes the complexion more beautiful.

CLARINS_Baume Apräs-Soleil RÇgÇnÇrant RÇhydratant Intense

Clarins Iridescent After Sun Body Oil

It nourishes, softens and illuminates the body with splendid golden reflections. Formulated with hazelnut vegetable oil and a soothing active ingredient, this after-sun body oil protects against dehydration and highlights the tan.

CLARINS_Huile IrisÇe Apräs Soleil

Comfort Zone anti-aging body after-sun cream

It is characterized by 85% of ingredients of natural origin. In the formula there are: a DNA-Defense biomimetid peptide that activates the natural mechanisms of DNA protection and repair, an Ecocert Certified Physalis Angulata extract that performs an important soothing action, Aloe vera juice with calming properties, finally the Ecocert Certified Argan Oil with antioxidant action.

Comfort Zone_Sun Soul_Cream

Hydrate After Sun by Nivea

It is a soothing moisturizing milk based on Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil and Vitamin E with known repairing and restructuring properties. It moisturizes the skin leaving it elastic, soft, smooth and protected from premature aging. Lightweight, fast-absorbing formula makes it ideal for everyone.

Doposole Hydrate Latte Idratante Lenitivo

EVY after sun mousse

It penetrates the top layer of the skin rather than staying on the surface. This guarantees a long-lasting, water-resistant effect. The formula is enriched with vitamins C and E, silk and collagen extracts. It can also be used to protect hair from damage caused by the sun or water.


Hydrafresh Protect IP15 by L'Oréal Paris

It has a gel-cream texture that can be applied to dry or wet skin, leaving no traces. Anti-salt and anti-chlorine, it has an innovative formula that contains Aloe Vera for a soothing and refreshing effect and Green Tea extract that protects against the aggressions of the sun.

Hydrafresh Protect Gel Dopo-Sole

Korff Sun Secret After Sun Body Gel

It looks like a fresh and crystalline transparent gel, to be applied all over the body to soothe and rehydrate the skin properly. Thanks to its properties, it is immediately regenerated and luminous.


PROTECT AH by Aderma

It is the after-sun face and body restructuring milk, with a milky and fresh texture, which contains hyaluronic acid, a powerful moisturizing agent and Rhealba® Oat Seedling Oil. The latter acts on the oxidative effects that occur later, since cellular aggression continues even after exposure.

Lait Protect AH

Regenerating After Sun Milk with Leocrema Argan oil

Promotes skin regeneration, nourishing and hydrating in depth. It gives immediate relief to skin that is reddened and parched by the sun's rays and saltiness and promotes the prolongation of the tan.


Posthelios Hydra Anti-Oxidant Gel by La Roche Posay

It is a fresh gel with a 76% concentration of La Roche-Posay Thermal Water rich in anti-oxidant elements to counteract free radicals induced by sun exposure. Indicated for sensitive and intolerant skin.

Prodotto Posthelios Hydra-Gel_58da89e61b78f

S.O.S Après-Soleil Masque Visage & Corps by Eisenberg

It is a treatment that immediately calms the burning sensation and provides absolute well-being. The merit is of the formulation rich in Hyaluronic Acid which guarantees an intense moisturizing action, improving the elasticity and tone of the tissues and preserving their softness.

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