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Taylor Hill beauty look: the best makeup of the Victoria Secret angel
Taylor Hill beauty look: the best makeup of the Victoria Secret angel

She has just turned 21 and is perhaps the most beautiful of the super models of the moment. To say it are her beauty looks. We have selected the best

Forbes claims that she is one of the highest paid models, and seeing her you understand why: the beauty of Taylor Hill it's out of the ordinary. Not by chance L'Oréal Professionnel chose her as an international ambassador, along with Hailey Baldwin.

Discovered by accident by a photographer in Colorado, Taylor was immediately loved by stylists. Since 2015 it is one of the Angels from Victoria's Secret which has always selected the most beautiful protagonists of catwalking.

We have chosen the beauty looks that best enhance the model's face, also giving you some advice to replicate them. What is your favorite of all?

Smokey eyes brown

Taylor Hill's eyes are really her strong point. One smokey eyes brown, warmed by a warm shade like gold, is one of the best eye make-ups to highlight the irises.

taylor hill beauty look (2)

Lips to kiss

A Red lipstick creamy bicolor - darker along the edges and orange tones in the center - creates a beautiful effect on the lips. To get it, pass a burgundy pencil on the outline, blend it and then fill in with an orange-red lipstick. To complete the beauty look there is an eye make-up made with golden powders and shimmer.

taylor hill beauty look (3)

Nude make up

If the lip I'm nude, the eyes are featured by a line of black eyeliner and from a pass of black mascara. Do you want to replicate this simple but effective beauty look? Choose a face primer that brightens the complexion and covers any discoloration.

taylor hill beauty look (4)

Dark lips

Ideal for the evening, this make-up focuses mainly on lips brushed with a dark lipstick. The sculpting highlights the features while the eyes are made deeper by a black kajal. Our advice: if you feel comfortable, go for a more intense color like matte purple or rouge noir.

taylor hill beauty look (5)

In shades of beige

Not just pink: for a more discreet make-up, Taylor Hill also chooses lipsticks in the shade pink beige, among the coolest for this season. We advise you to replicate the makeup, aiming for darker but always soft powders for the eyelids.

taylor hill beauty look (8)

Smokey black

Intended, especially in the outermost part of the gaze, it is smokey eyes it is made more glamorous by a swipe of gold glitter eyeshadow inwards. To be copied, even in a more nuanced variant. And for the lips, do as the super model: choose a pink or coral lipstick.

taylor hill beauty look (10)


Fifties-inspired beauty look with Eighties mood details. The focus is on the lips, colored with a pink lipstick intense. Perfect if you want a girly finish.

taylor hill beauty look (11)

Purple shades

The full color eye makeup - deeper and darker along the contour - perfectly matches the dress worn by Taylor. Take back some details of your outfit in the shades chosen for the beauty look (but without exaggerating).

taylor hill beauty look (12)

All over pink

That the pink being one of Taylor's favorite colors is no mystery. So loved that it becomes the favorite shade for both make up which focuses on the lips both for the dress to wear in a gala evening.

taylor hill beauty look (13)

The nineties

If the look marries the nineties trends (just look at the choker), the make-up chooses understatement. How to say: just enough to give a touch of light and make the look more sensual with a line of black eyeliner.

taylor hill beauty look (14)

A red carpet classic

Red carpet beauty look: cat eye make up And Red lips, but in a different shade than the dress. Not particularly original, but certainly successful. If you want to catch the eye, use a fire red matte lipstick.

taylor hill beauty look (15)

Wild eyebrows

As with all models of her age, the rule is: eyebrows well brushed but left natural, even better if slightly wild. If you have them thick, let yourself be tempted.

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