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Elizabeth Olsen, who is the sister of the Olsen twins
Elizabeth Olsen, who is the sister of the Olsen twins

Elizabeth Olsen is no longer just the younger sister of the Olsen twins: we tell you everything you need to know about her, including movies, private life and curiosities

Elizabeth Olsen is no longer just the younger sister of the Olsen twins: here's who she is, what she does and everything you need to know about her, including movies and curiosities

Elizabeth Olsen managed to shake off the role of younger sister of the Olsen twins and started building a career in film of her own, where she is making the news his interpretative skills.

Thanks to which he enchanted everyone atlast Cannes Film Festival, where it was present with The Square).

Yet for many it still is only the younger sister of the Olsen twins, the two child prodigies who in the nineties produced one film after another and who created an empire with their fashion line.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, had to to contend for a lifetime with the popularity of the sisters, taking both pros and cons.

If you don't know it yet, here it is his identikit.

elizabeth mary kate ashley olsen

An uncomfortable surname

To avoid being always close to her sisters, Elizabeth has chosen to enroll in high school with a fictitious surname.

In fact, on the school register it appeared as Elizabeth Chase, what else would it be his mother's surname.

On the contrary, however, the famous family name came in handy whenever she wanted find a place in trendy restaurants, like The Hole in New York, where it is very difficult to book, unless your name is Olsen.

elizabeth olsen sorriso

A doomed fate

Elizabeth had a 'quieter childhood compared to that of the sisters, who from an early age were stars of the small screen.

However, she too from the age of seven began to take dance, singing and acting lessons.

The first appearance dates back to when he was ten years old, in one of Ashley and Mary-Kate's films and in some episodes of the reality series about the life of the twins.

From there his career began.

The first big audition was for "Spy Kids", the film starring Antonio Banderas.

Elizabeth had been contacted after the first audition, but he didn't get the part.

elizabeth olsen red carpet

An atypical actress

Unlike many of his colleagues, Elizabeth loves auditioning, as he stated in an interview:

“I have a lot of fun doing auditions. I think it is a moment of enormous self-control and what is not in your power need not worry you.

You just have to stand there and do what the director wants, how he would like me to appear, whether it works with his idea or not. You just have to be lucid for that amount of time."

She is also one of the few actresses who they don't hate seeing each other again on the screen:

"I'm not one of those who look at each other and say 'Oh my God, I hate seeing me again.' I find that caring is an interesting step in the production of a film.

I'm new to all of this, but I think it's important to go back and learn from what you've done, instead of avoiding it ».

elizabeth olsen fidanzato

The love life

Elizabeth was engaged for years to Boyd Holbrook.

The name may not tell you anything, but if you look closely at the photo you will notice that it is theactor who played Agent Murphy in "Narcos", the Netflix series about the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar.

The two they met in 2012 on the set of "Very Good Girls" which also starred Dakota Fanning.

Two years later they had official engagement announced, but in 2015 it all ended, without a real reason.

The actor only later confessed that she left him by phone the same day he mourned the death of his best friend.

At the moment the actress appears to be single.

elizabeth olsen Jeremy Renner

The most important films

After being elected to the Bafta as the new rising star of cinema, Elizabeth starred in remake of "Godzilla" in 2014, alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

The following year he found his colleague on the set of "Avengers: Age of Ultron" in which she played Scarlet the witch and he the twin brother Quicksilver.

The two reprized their roles also in 2016 for another chapter of the Marvel saga, "Captain America: Civil War".

He recently charmed everyone at the Cannes Film Festival with "Wind River", film in which he stars alongside fellow Avenger Jeremy Renner.

The two together they will investigate the death of a girl in the forest bordering an Indian reservation.

The film will be released in the United States this summer but the date of the debut in Italy is not yet known.

elizabeth olsen capelli

The idol to be inspired by

Elizabeth Olsen is one diehard Michelle Pfeiffer fan, which at times it also resembles.

"I've never had a crush on a band or anything like that, but I had Michelle Pfeiffer so I copied what my friends did with their idols, I cut out his photos from newspapers.

She was the reason I wanted to be an actress ».

elizabeth olsen cannes

The role of dreams

Elizabeth Olsen has always had clear ideas in life.

In addition to being inspired by an absolute legend like Michelle Pfeiffer, she has set herself a rather ambitious goal: to be able to play Ophelia one day at the cinema, one of the female protagonists ofShakespeare's Hamlet.

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