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Miranda Kerr: the most beautiful hair looks
Miranda Kerr: the most beautiful hair looks

Miranda Kerr is a successful model and entrepreneur but above all a beauty icon for almost 15 years: discover the evolution of all her signature hairstyles

Miranda Kerr is the Australian top known all over the world for her advertising campaigns with big brands such as Maybelline but also, and above all, how Victoria's Secret Angel.

Her angelic face with perfect features, illuminated by large blue eyes and porcelain skin, is framed by the thick brown hair that has defined her beauty look over the years.

For many years Miranda has been faithful to hers extra long hair and his signature hair look: loose, slightly wavy on the lengths and worn on one side.

We saw her pass by brown to the raven, passing through highlights and lightening that have enhanced its solar beauty. For the past couple of years, Kerr has given a cut to the old look by choosing a medium wob and slightly asymmetricalor, illuminated by a balayage perfect, which sculpts the softness of the face.

Discover in the gallery all the most beautiful cuts and colors chosen by the model over the years, which have marked the evolution of her hair look.

Miranda Kerr: the most beautiful hairstyles

Light brown hair with honey-colored highlights worn long, loose on one side and with well-defined wave tips: this is one of Miranda Kerr's most iconic hair looks.
After years of long, Miranda gave us a cut last year by choosing the wob. In this recent image we see her portrayed with the new hair look, illuminated by the personalized hair-contouring technique to enhance her features.
An image of Miranda's early days in which we see her in an unprecedented and rather unusual medium cut with a line in the middle and dried with lead.
One of the rare images of honey blonde Miranda dates back to 2009. The styling is loose, softened by wavy tips and carried to one side.
The thick and luminous hair of Kerr in all their splendor: the slightly scaled cut is characterized by the long tuft carried to the side of the face.
This loose and slightly teased hair style on the top of the head elongates the round face of the Australian model.
Hyper classic choice to frame the face: long hair is straightened and divided into a central parting.
A jaunty look for this crop that lengthens the proportions of the face leaving it completely free.
One of the first images of Miranda with the new hair look dates back to 2016. The cut is made with a slight asymmetry that caresses the perfect features and enhances the neck.
Medium hair is worked with a wet look styling product and tied at the nape of the neck. The hairstyle is embellished with small tribal-inspired braids.
One of Miranda's most recent images portrays her with a new hair look: the wob rich in lightening has transformed into a soft brown long bob, with a few scattered highlights to revive the color.

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