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Katy Perry ranks among the best exes in bed
Katy Perry ranks among the best exes in bed

Katy Perry live three days in a row on her YouTube channel reveals who her ex-boyfriends are the best in bed

Katy Perry he confessed in direct which were his ex boyfriends better in bed.

The singer underwent some kind of Big Brother to launch the new album Witness, released on June 9.

Throughout the weekend, starting right from the release date of the last work, it was shooting by cameras specially installed in every room of his house of Los Angeles e she got fans to follow in live streaming.

The show was supposed to end on Sunday, but it was extended for the whole day on Monday (so you can still see it) and will end with a mini-concert in which the pop star will present the new songs.

During the days of imprisonment many guests went to visit her, with as many revelations.

We tell you the best.

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Katy Perry's exes best in bed

During the live stream Katy found herself chatting a breakfast with James Corden who asked her to answer some dry questions, without thinking too much.

So point blank the conductor asked her friend what they were his most capable exes under the sheets.

"They are all excellent lovers", the star said diplomatically.

But then, gave a podium:

Third place for DJ Diplo, with whom he had a brief relationship in 2014.

In second place Orlando Bloom, with whom she has been for a little less than a year.

In the lead as best we find John Mayer, a former historian with whom Katy has been in a relationship with several ups and downs for about three years, since 2012.

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A never ending love

The one with the singer and guitarist is one relationship that seemed overbut that actually apparently for neither of them is completely out of date.

A few months ago Meyer confessed that his latest song "Still Feel Like Your Man" it was dedicated to Katy.

“And who else could I have thought of? It's proof that I haven't dated a lot of people in the past few years. That it was my only relationship. '

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The Peace Sign with Taylor Swift

Returning to the live stream, Katy also took advantage of the cameras and the millions of fans connected for to offer a respite to colleague and rival Taylor Swift.

During a chat with Ariana Huffington, the singer said:

“I forgive you and I'm sorry for everything what I did and I hope it is the same for her. I think the time has come. There are bigger problems in the world ».

From Taylor, for now, no reply

Here we told you in detail about the reason for the quarrel between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

The thought of suicide

During the first hours of live streaming he did discuss Katy's meeting with her psychotherapist.

The singer decided that the direct could be a moment of extreme closeness with the fans with whom she got totally naked.

In fact, during the session, he confessed of having thought about suicide: “I wrote a song about this.

I'm ashamed to have even thought about it, to have felt so down and so depressed,”the singer said through tears.

At that point an assistant asked her if she wanted the cameras turned off, but she refused, continuing to talk about her problems with her parents, of her alcohol addiction and its sufferings.

“You can be true or you can be loved. I want to be loved", he said.

katy perry capelli corti

The live concert

You can still see it Katy live from her Los Angeles home all day on Monday.

At the end of the live streaming the singer will perform in a sort of mini-concert, which will anticipate the world tour he is about to embark on.

The pop star will tour the United States for the rest of the year and then move in Europe in 2018.

In Italy it is already planned a date in Bologna at the Unipol Arena on February 6th and tickets are already on sale.

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