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10 things to do this summer if you want to really have fun
10 things to do this summer if you want to really have fun

The to do list of a perfect summer? Between stolen kisses, dives from the rocks and songs sung out loud, we give you something to tick

The days are longer and the holidays are upon us, the darkness comes later and later, the small hours are made, we go dancing outdoors and everything seems to be lighter, even the weeks at work.

The warm months are like that, made of lots of good times and happy memories, which serve to make us more serene and free us from the heaviness of winter.

Maybe that's why there are things everyone should do at least once during the summer season.

If only to think back over the cold winter months with a smile.

Try to do as much as possible

baciare sotto le stelle

1. Kissing someone under the stars

The starry skies of the seaside resorts they are beautiful, other than kisses under the mistletoe, a kiss that tastes of salt when dawn is about to break it is something that you never forget, that warms your heart and makes you feel like an eternal teenager.

Kiss someone you like and forget where you are, what your name is and what day it is.

cantare canzone dell’estate

2. Sing out the song of the summer

It doesn't matter if it's stupid, if it's tamarra, if everyone can't stand it anymore, on the contrary the uglier the better.

Sing it in a liberating way with your friends in the car while you are going to dance.

Summer is done not to take yourself seriously, this is not the time to be boring.

festa in piscina

3. Go to a pool party

Pool parties always end very badly or very well depending on the point of view.

They always have a very high alcohol content and everything degenerates very quickly between chlorine and champagne floating in the water.

Let yourself be wooed from the cute guy who's been watching you all evening, try not to drink too much And feel free and wonderful as you haven't felt for a long time.

Dancing in the water it's one of the funniest things they've ever invented.

festival musicale

4. Go to a music festival

Summer is full of festivals, you will find many both in Italy and abroad, in places where it rains or by the sea.

No matter where you decide to go, do it for listen to a lot of music, dance until six in the morning, feeling your legs shattered and being happy at all hours of the day.

Nothing succeeds better than a music festival to charge us with positive energy.


5. Organize a barbecue

The barbecue is something that you can not do, that is of fish, meat or vegetables.

Summer smells of salt, mint and grilled food, there are no other smells that remind you always and everywhere.

So start collecting the money for grocery shopping, make room in the cockpit fridge for the beers and tell the men to put on their tank tops. roast like there's no tomorrow.

guardare stelle cadenti

6. Watch the shooting stars

Don't listen to scientists and explanations about the conformation of the universe, we on earth we use shooting stars to ask ourselves what we really want, what's wrong?

If then ours wishes are also granted better yet, right?

in conclusion you need a wish to go on and there is always a star falling just for you.


7. Fall in love

Fall in love, no matter how many times but do it.

Make love, make love to feel alive, to stop time and to lose yourself in those seconds when you no longer have to be anything if not what you really are.

Summer is the season to experience the present and then leave the past and the future out of the suitcase e make love to forget who you were and don't think about who you will be.

posto che non avete mai visto

8. See places you've never seen

Use your vacation for see places you've never been, to give your memories food and amaze you once again with the beauties of the world.

Fill your eyes of intense colors and taste dishes you've never eaten, listen to conversations in languages ​​you don't speak or dialects you don't understand.

Amaze yourself, because amazement is the thing that will keep your heart young.


9. Diving off a rock

As long as it's not dangerous it can be liberating, is a symbol ofgo beyond our limits and only always going against our comfort zone allows us to grow, to improve, to become more courageous.

Close your eyes and go for it, your heart will beat fast and then it will feel happy and free. Once in a lifetime you should try it.

vedere l’alba

10. See the sunrise

Dawn is a thousand times more powerful than sunset, it doesn't matter if you've been out all night or just got up to see it.

The summer sunrises leave you speechless, if you are with someone you have spent the whole night with, even better.

Don't go to sleep, you can always sleep on the beach under an umbrella, in summer fatigue does not exist, there are only days that they always last too short.

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