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Barcelona fashion, style and lifestyle, through the eyes of three guys who are making their dreams come true
Barcelona fashion, style and lifestyle, through the eyes of three guys who are making their dreams come true

A young and vibrant city, dynamic and in constant transformation on all fronts. From fashion to design, between shops and clubs, galleries, museums and markets of all kinds, in the beautiful capital of Catalonia it is impossible to get bored. And not only because Barcelona has always been the most authentic emblem of that ir de fiesta culture that dominates all over Spain. Dafne, Luca and Carolina know it, three guys who have booked a one-way ticket to Barcelona to make their dreams of life and work. And in her short vacation, Eleonora Carisi, a model and influencer, discovered it, who met the three boys right in Barcelona, ​​on the set of the Let’s Go Now program. With (and thanks) to them, driving the new SEAT Ibiza - not surprisingly in the coolest color of the moment, a royal magenta that certainly did not go unnoticed on the streets of the city - she went to discover the most representative places of the fashion and cosmopolitan lifestyle. In a mix of Latin and cosmopolitan charm, get on board and let yourself be guided to discover an unprecedented and super cool Barcelona. And if you want to experience the emotions of the characters on TV, do not miss the episode of Let's Go Now aired on Saturday 24 at 12.00 on La5!

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Eleonora Carisi: driving to be guided

He has made a work of "research, creativity, but also play and irony" from his love for fashion and unique and personal style. Thus, from style icon to special driver, Eleonora Carisi drives, and lets herself be guided by Dafne, Luca and Angelica, through the streets of Barcelona to discover the latest city trends in fashion, beauty and lifestyle.


Dafne, fashion blogger and hunter of new trends

35 years old, from Rome, Dafne has lived in Barcelona for 10 years. A true shopping addict, as well as being an expert hunter of trends in the field of fashion, beauty and lifestyle, she is a perfect guide to discover the coolest Barcelona because the city he has no secrets for her. In his blog ( he collects and tells info and addresses on shopping in Barcelona, ​​the most stimulating proposals that the city offers from the point of view of music, art and lifestyle in general.

The shopping places of Dafne

Eleonora meets Dafne at the beginning of Passaig de Gràcia, one of the most impressive avenues of the city, with architectural works that are Unesco heritage. An emblematic street, also famous for its luxurious shops. The Basilica Galeria is a boutique of bizarre perfumes and accessories and a place for exhibiting contemporary works of art. A refined and slightly outdated perfumery, on two floors, where it is easy to get lost among period display cases, fragrances (over 100) and jewels with a unique design. From there, the two fashion-addicted move to the heart of the Poble Sec district, where among the many artisan workshops there is a very special address: it is Koetania Gioielli, a perfect atelir-laboratory for those looking for a personalized accessory of high jewelery..


Luca, the architect of the ephemeral

A young Sicilian who deals with design related to fashion. An architect of the ephemeral, as Luca defines himself when talking about himself and his profession as a creator of luxury brand showcases. And it can only be a super trendy event organized in an exclusive location, its place to be in Barcelona.

Luca's place-event

A special fashion event takes place in May in a very exclusive location. The Soho House is a Private Club in an impressive 19th century historic building in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, ​​facing Port Vell. And on the occasion of the My Barrio Club Pop Up opens to the public, as well as to members, to show the creations of young stylists, designers, artists and creatives of the "Curated Lifestyle" of Barcelona.

Carolina, the dream come true

27 years old, from Milan, Carolina is an Italian designer of Chilean origins. He has lived in Barcelona for a year and a half. In addition to being young and beautiful, she is talented and already established: she works as a Fashion designer and Fashion editor for Chiara Ferragni's blog, The Blonde Salad. Passionate about every aesthetic expression, Carolina loves fashion and lets herself be freely inspired by all those who, like her, love experimentation. This is also why she is at her perfect ease in Barcelona, ​​a city that knows how to give her infinite suggestions and ideas and the place where her creativity can best express itself.

Carolina's place

Thanks to a good mix of creativity, courage and desire to experiment, Carolina has created her own Art Dealer Journal brand, which is the perfect expression of her aesthetic taste and sophisticated femininity wrapped in a French soul. The charm of her collection made fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni fall in love, who proposed her to be part of her crew as a fashion editor and included her among the brands offered on her blog with an exclusive capsule. Just to show her her collection, Carolina welcomes Eleonora into her studio / atelier. And here, between one creation and another, the two girls get lost and let themselves be carried away in passionate talks about fashion, style, design and new trends.

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