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Black smokey eyes: how to do it and the beauty looks to copy
Black smokey eyes: how to do it and the beauty looks to copy

Black smokey eyes is a timeless make-up, always loved by stars. Find out how to make it, and copy the most beautiful looks

The smokey eyes black is a timeless make-up, loved by stars who want to show off a make-up elegant And intense.

This is an eye makeup nuanced able to intensify and render magnetic the look. It is obtained by blending a very dark color, in this case the black, starting from the upper lash line, spreading the pigment over the entire mobile eyelid.

This beauty look highlights the iris of any color: it enhances the light eyes like those of Bella Hadid, and likewise the dark ones of star like Rihanna. The important thing is to know the steps to follow to obtain a gradient look and intense and avoid the 'black eye' effect.

Browse the gallery and discover all the products and advice to create a perfect black smokey eyes.

All the products and tips for making black smokey eyes

The superstar chooses a shaded smokey eyes that, like a cloud of color, frames and intensifies the look. Credits ph: Getty Images
The very young Moss family does not give up a punk-chic touch. Here she sports black smokey eyes and extra volume false lashes for an 80's rock star effect. Credits ph: Getty Images
The super supermodel wears minimal smokey eyes, made with the help of an ultra black eye pencil. An ideal look to enhance the model's light eyes and delicate features. Credits ph: Nars x Alexander Wang FW17
The former Twilight vampire has made her tomboy look a style icon. Here she wears the most classic of smokey eyes: the punk touch? the intense nuance on the lower rim of the eye. Credits ph: Getty Images
The first step to achieving full-color, long-lasting smokeye eyes is to prepare the eyelid with a primer. This nude cream eyeshadow neutralizes skin discoloration and ensures easy application and a highly pigmented result.
The second step is to fix the primer with a translucent powder: this will allow you to remove the oils from the eyelid and create a smooth base to blend the eyeshadows easily.
Curiously, the first color to apply to make a black smokey eye is not black. In fact, you need to choose a medium nude color called 'transitional' to be applied in the crease of the eye with a soft bristle brush. This will allow you to create a more elegant make-up without sharp detachments.
It's time to start incorporating 'smokey' into our look. First, use a crazy eye with a soft intense black lead and blend it in small strokes at the base of the upper lash line. With a pen brush, blend upwards. Repeat this until you reach the desired intensity level.
With a flat brush, start pressing the black eyeshadow where you previously blended the pencil: the union of the two products will create a long lasting result. After applying the black, blend it towards the crease of the eye with the help of the color transition color and the soft bristle brush used earlier.
With the help of a small brush, blend a black pencil to the attachment of the lower lash line. For an intense look, also apply it to the inner rim of the eye.
For those with small eyes, or who want to get a smokey look without renouncing to open their eyes, just replace the black pencil with a butter-colored one in the inner rhyme of the eye.
It's time to curl your lashes: this will help open your eyes and prepare them for mascara application.
Choose a volumizing mascara with an extra black color.

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