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Models over 70: the charge of the new fashion muses
Models over 70: the charge of the new fashion muses

From Veruschka for Acne Studios to Vanessa Redgrave muse of Gucci: today's style icons are over 70

Kendall, Gigi and companions have new "rivals" to watch out for. To grab the campaigns of the best brands and to parade on the catwalk are more and more often models of the past, actresses and influential characters but all strictly over 70It is surprising (and pleased) that the world of fashion, which has always been obsessed with the myth of youth, proposes these great standard-bearers of aging in a natural and happy way as models of style. Welcome the wrinkles and white hair, even on the posters of Céline, Saint Laurent or Mango.

The latest campaign demonstrating what has been said is that of Acne Studios, an avant-garde brand that wanted the 78-year-old today Veruschka as face and body of the new collection.

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The phenomenon that has been affecting the world of fashion for several seasons is that of choosing "silver sirens", mature women proud of their age and their pearl hair. There are famous faces, like that of the writer Joan Didion and the singer Joni Mitchell who posed for Céline and Saint Laurent respectively, there is the Oscar winner Vanessa Redgrave, Gucci muse at the age of 80 e Lauren Hutton, the 73-year-old face of Bottega Veneta.


Next to the famous faces who, you will say, are easily chosen because they are known, there are also new entries. Mango recently launched the Story of uniqueness campaign which promote diversity, uniqueness which is also beauty. And one of the protagonists is the 63-year-old Lyn Slater: professor at Fordham University, she found herself almost by chance to become an icon of street style.

In 2016, while she was with a friend outside Lincoln Center (location of many of the New York Fashion Week shows), she was mistaken for a famous editor and literally "besieged" by photographers. From that moment on, the enterprising Lyn decided to ride the wave of popularity: she opened a blog, Accidental Icon, in which she deploys style tips for her peers and beyond, and boasts 200,000 followers of all ages.


The phenomenon is not limited to these cases which, given their age, we could define as "extremes": they are back on the catwalks the great tops of the past, which even after having celebrated their entry into the "doors" are confirmed as the most loved by the best designers.

Silver sirens: the new style icons

Lauren Hutton parades for Bottega Veneta. The actress will turn 74 next November. Credits: Getty Images
Lauren Hutton in the Bottega Veneta campaign.
Vanessa Redgrave, 80, was chosen for the Gucci Cruise 2017 campaign.
Carmen Dell'Orefice, 86 years old and still a great desire to parade. Here we see her, a few years ago, on the Stephane Rolland catwalk during the Haute Couture fashion shows in Paris.
Joni Mitchell, 74, is the face of one of Saint Laurent's latest campaigns.
The 82-year-old writer Joan Didion was chosen as the face of the Céline brand.
She is Lyn Slater, a 63-year-old professor who became a style icon by chance. She posed for one of Mango's latest campaigns and started a fashion blog called
Kristen McMenamy is back in the limelight also thanks to the very white hair given to her by age. Today he is 52 years old.
Amber Valletta is 43 years old and still a coveted pier on the catwalks. Here we see her shows for Isabel Marant, Dries Van Noten and H&M.
Naomi Campbell is 47 years old but she doesn't look them at all. And here she is again on the catwalk with her inimitable stride.
Directly from the 70-80s to today: Pat Cleveland is 66 and a daughter who has followed in his footsteps in a formidable way. But she remains unique (and still parades!). Credits: Getty Images
Nadja Auermann is one of the tops who made the 90s. Today, at 46, she is still at the forefront of many events in the fashion world. Credits: Getty Images
Veruschka, 78, is one of the greatest tops of the 60s and 70s.
Acne Studios wanted her as the face of the new campaign.
Veruschka for Acne Studios.
Bo Gilbert is 100 years old: he posed for a campaign created by Harvey Nichols and Vogue America for the magazine's 100th anniversary.
Eva Herzigova is 44 years old and still a breathtaking beauty. And to frighten the new generations.

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