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Four benefits of the sea and beach life
Four benefits of the sea and beach life

They strengthen the immune system, relax mind and body, make us produce more energy: four benefits of the sea and of the holidays spent on the beach

If you can't wait to go on vacation to enjoy the well-deserved relaxation, know that there is a physiological reason for because we want to go to the beach.

There are those who prefer to read a book, those who play beach volleyball, those who choose to play a game of beach tennis or those who build sand castles.

All beach life activities have one thing in common: they have no age and promote psycho-physical well-being of anyone who practices them.

Holidays, in fact, have the power of disconnect from thoughts and problems that grips in daily life. Even the thought of having a period of relaxation available to take advantage of contributes to to be positive at work during the year.

In short, the holidays they make us feel good and contribute to the serenity that we will feel throughout the working year.

Specifically, here what are the biggest benefits that you will have after a beach holiday.


It strengthens the immune system

Research from the Icahn School of Medicine at the University of California and Harvard says so.

According to this study, they would only suffice six days of vacation to strengthen the immune system and relieve stress at the genetic level up to ten months after the vacation.

Just in time for the next departure.


You feel more energized and productive

Holidays by the sea stimulate all five senses much to produce hormones and chemicals that relieve stress and promote energy production.

Beach life, discovering new places, relaxation and new rhythms of life will make sure of make you feel better and ready to face the new working year.


It relieves the nervous system

With the rhythm of a holiday and the benefits of relaxation, you will calm your nervous system with a consequent improvement of blood circulation, of the breathing and of joint mobility.

Bathing in the sea also leads to relax the muscles which are often tense due to an alteration of the sympathetic system, due to the too much accumulated stress.


You learn to live in the moment

The great thing about holidays is that you can stop multitasking and begin live the situation in the present moment.

A dinner with friends or a walk by the sea have a completely different flavor if you don't have the thought of the email that has to arrive or the report to be delivered to the boss.

Take this concept home with you and you can enjoy life even in the daily life of your home.

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