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Gigi Hadid: the best beauty looks of the super model
Gigi Hadid: the best beauty looks of the super model

A real queen of the catwalks, Gigi loves to change her beauty look. We have selected the best

Gigi Hadid it is certainly very popular with stylists: during Fashion Week he passes from one catwalk to another without batting an eye. She is also the most social super model with her 34 million followers on Instagram, while in 2016 she was elected model of the year. The result? Shooting all over the world and thousands of photos on the cover.

More than a supermodel, Gigi has now become a glam icon. Its advertising campaigns make it even more famous: Versace recently wanted her as testimonial for the launch spot of the Versace Dylan Blue perfume, while its collaboration with the preppy stylist continues, Tommy Hilfiger.

Gigi pays close attention to the make up: its must-have object is theilluminating even if for the skin she prefers a natural look.

We wanted to select his best beauty looks: browse the gallery and let yourself be inspired.

Cat eyes

Cat eye make up for the super model who combines the color of the lipstick with that of the dress.


Nude beauty look

In the foreground the sculpting that highlights the cheeks. The brows are brushed but left natural


Matte lipstick

The lips are colored with a matte red lipstick. Note the perfect design that puts the mouth in the foreground.


Brown smokey

Smokey eyes are in shades of brown and burnt earth: two shades that are enchanting with Gigi's green irises.

gigi-hadid-beauty-look-15 (1)

Beauty look ladylike

Coral lips and bright eyes made deep with brown shades. One of the best make up for red carpets.


Make up bronze and glowing

The highlighter highlights the cheek area.


Dark lips

The lips are dark purple - an unusual color for the model.


Focus on eyes

A black pencil marks the contour of the eyes while the eyelids are colored with a gold eyeshadow.


Balance games

To create harmony in the make-up, the dark purple of the lips is combined with a shimmer eye make-up.


In the colors of the earth

A make-up in the warm colors of the earth: the highlighter is a must-have product for Gigi Hadid.


Essential beauty look

The lips are colored with a creamy red lipstick, while a stroke of mascara makes the lashes longer and darker.


Black eyeliner

Gigi Hadid knows how to make up the eye to enhance it: cat eye make up is definitely the right choice.


Pencil & mascara

When the eyes are beautiful, a line of black pencil and a stroke of mascara are enough to highlight them.


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