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The most beautiful country style kitchens
The most beautiful country style kitchens

Does the country style in the kitchen seem old and dated to you? Here are 10 interiors - and some tips - that will make you change your mind

Elegant, welcoming and informal, it is country style reveals itself through simple and genuine details and shades. The interiors are enveloped in an intimate atmosphere, where the rules are not rigorous and the furnishing elements express a lived and creative style.

There kitchen it is the room in the house where this style of furniture can best be developed. Welcome new materials, wood in all its shades but also Scottish fabric doors.

The more your kitchen is able to talk about you through its most intimate details, the more suggestive and hospitable it will be.

The most beautiful country style kitchens

Boiserie nera
Wood is the main element of the country style, in all its shades. If you opt for a raw table, choose a strong boiserie, for example matt black, so as to make your kitchen truly suggestive, country but modern at the same time.
Cesti vimini
It may sound strange but it's a perfect country mix: choose a marble table and then set up the shelves with old (or new) wicker baskets to hold kitchen utensils.
In modern kitchens it is (almost) never well received, but in the most beautiful country kitchens it becomes an extraordinary "must have". You can write down the tastiest recipes as well as the shopping list, and it will be the piece of furniture that will make the difference.
Mobile cassettiera
It is allowed, even in large quantities. And if you want to dare, a solution could be to build the entire custom-made kitchen in wood, with drawers that recall those of old pharmacy furniture.
Open space
The eye wants its part, and large lofts are always the most suggestive places. For decidedly country interiors, opt for open furniture, where all the contents are visible and the soft protagonist palettes illuminate the atmosphere.
Sgabelli bianchi
Country is a relaxed and welcoming style of furniture, perfect for the whole house but particularly suitable for kitchen environments. Choose pale colors, wooden stools with a retro twist and an unmistakable mix of decorative elements.
Tavolo marmo
There are no strict rules, just a few small tricks to take into consideration. Even in more modern kitchens, welcome country micro details such as an old utensil ladder or a recovered work table.
Choose the fabric that makes you feel good and replace the classic doors for a decidedly country look. The most beautiful kitchens are those that speak of you.
Total white
Why opt for new pantries when you can retrieve some from your grandmother's attic? Out of the brush and paint - strictly white - and that's it.
Country kitchens are the most beautiful because in this style you experience the most intimate atmosphere of sharing. The spaces are large, the seats numerous (and often different) around the table and the materials so warm as to warm heart and soul.

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