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Elisabetta Canalis: the style and looks of the showgirl over the years
Elisabetta Canalis: the style and looks of the showgirl over the years

Elisabetta Canalis' changes of look, from the Striscia counter to today. Passing through George Clooney

If it is not the most loved by Italians, we are very close to it.Class '78, originally from Sardinia, with its Mediterranean colors and the magnetic smile (surrounded by a fabulous body), Elisabetta Canalis she is one of the most followed Italian celebrities even abroad.

Followed for her work, for her famous flirts but also for her highly copied style. What's special about it? Elisabetta is simple, and whether she wears a jumpsuit, a pair of sneakers or a red carpet dress, she knows how to show off that self-confidence that everyone would like.

Make some of his little style secrets yours by taking a look, with us, at how his style has changed over the years, from the counter of Striscia la Notizia to the new life from mom and businesswoman. And yes, we will also talk about Clooney …

The Tissue of "Striscia la Notizia"

From Sardinia to Milan to enter Italian homes through the Striscia la Notizia counter: Elisabetta is a soap and water girl, who follows the trends of the moment without too many charms, just like many peers. Flared jeans, shorts, tank tops and some small bijoux.


Queen of casual and streetwear looks

Elisabetta's style immediately established itself with simplicity and with a strong on the street component. Denim, t-shirts, camouflage prints, sweatshirts and sneakers.


The cult item: the leather jacket

An indispensable garment over the years? The leather jacket is a piece that she never misses, and that she loves to wear even with a heel 10.


Shorts and swimwear for the beach look

As a good "islander" Elizabeth loves the mara and runs to the beach as soon as she can. What is she wearing over the classic bikini? Over the years there has been a certainty that is impossible to scratch: a nice pair of shorts!


The sporty looks

Elisabetta has never made a mystery of her passion for sport, so much so that letting herself be photographed in a jogging outfit or with sweatpants has never been a problem.


The "Lady Clooney" phase

In 2009 the gossip newspapers go crazy for the most unexpected couple of the star system: for two years Elisabetta will be paired with George Clooney and, from the point of view of style, this relationship is full of red carpet prestigious. Face up to the height of American celebrities!


The "after-Clooney"

After the story with the Hollywood star, Elizabeth continues to face the worldly events with great style and elegance: among the choices we love most in terms of hue, there are gold, black and red. Colors that give it a lot.


The marriage

From red carpet dresses to wedding dresses: to say yes to the American surgeon Brian Perri, in 2014, Elisabetta chooses a (fairytale!) Creation by Alessandro Angelozzi Couture. Full skirt, long veil and lace trim are the centerpiece of this princely dress.


The "California Girl" looks

You know the sporty looks and the grunge notes we talked about earlier? They risk becoming a memory in front of these looks super chic. Any advice for Eli? Wear i more often natural colors, are a perfect choice!


Elisabetta and the outfits "pre-maman "

You know, pregnancy can put a strain on your wardrobe. These looks "pre-maman" by Elisabetta are excellent: soft dresses on curves, neutral colors, no prints or invasive details. Flat shoes and an it-bag take care of the rest.


Mom style

Elisabetta has been the baby's mother since 2015 Skyler Eva, but don't be fooled: the style is always the same, sometimes more comfortable and "soft" but always feminine and distinguishable.

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