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How to overcome a disappointment of love in 8 steps
How to overcome a disappointment of love in 8 steps

Movies to watch, changing wardrobes, new hobbies: eight things to do to recover from the end of a relationship or a disappointment in love

When you are left the world seems to collapse on us. From one day to the next we find ourselves in no longer have a person next to you with whom to share your life and you are forced to change habits and find new routines. In addition to living with the love sickness.

On the other hand, the end of a story is like mourning. And as such it is not easy to overcome.

Letting yourself be lulled into a state of sadness and catalepsy is inevitable and necessary for a few days, but after the initial trauma it is useless - above all it does not help to get better.

For that, you have to roll up your sleeves and start living again.

Easy to say, less to do, especially when you suffer.

Here because Beautiful Acton, founder of the site Never Liked It Anyway, has made a list of eight practices to put in place when you find yourself facing the end of a great love story without knowing how to go about getting up.

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Renew your wardrobe

Open the closet and get rid of the clothes that no longer work.

The criterion is one: if you have not put them not even once in the last two years then it's time to throw them away (or give them away or take them to collection points for recycling, or pack them for the cellar if they are of good quality and you think they could come back in fashion).

The important thing is that there lightened by the weight of the old and bring a breath of fresh air (and possibly color) into your wardrobe.

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Create an alter ego

When a story ends, self-esteem is underground and there is a need for someone to help us recover it.

At the beginning it is hard, so to start liking again (not physically, but mentally) can help give birth to an alter ego, someone strong and determined to identify with.

Try for a day a turn yourself into someone else.

Bella Acton, for example, pretended to be Olga the Russian gymnast or Meyoncé, the Beyoncé-inspired femme fatale.

Imagine a woman strong and satisfied and happy, name her and play the part, you will end up believing it.

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Rearrange the house

Home is our refuge, but in these moments it is the most painful place to be, because of memories and moments of loneliness.

The best way to start your new life is from the begining. Starting with the bedroom. Which does not mean throwing away the furniture and going into debt to redecorate, but upset the plans and overturn the order and colors.

To do this you can play with little things like lamps, pillows, pictures, candles and anything else that can give your habitat a new look and transmit to you good vibes.

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Unleash your creativity

The pains of love are inexhaustible source of inspiration. There are those who have built an empire on their own sentimental misfortunes.

Adele wrote one of the best-selling albums in history, Taylor Swift takes revenge on each ex in a different song, Sam Smith told the world how broken his heart was.

You can also try a write a song. Sweet, suffering or full of anger (alanis Morisette docet), it doesn't matter. Maybe you make a fortune too.

And if not, you will still need it as a relief valve, to bring out what you have inside.

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Throw yourself into the sport

Physical activity helps release endorphins and stimulates adrenaline, the worst enemies of depression.

Playing sports will help you distract and let off steam, even better if there is something to hit, like a punchball or a ball.

Boxing, fit boxing, baseball, volleyball, in short everything in which you can hurl your anger on an inanimate object.

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Go see some exhibits

Getting over a breakup also means start taking the bright side of it and therefore resume indulging in all those things that you never ended up doing when you were in a couple.

Go to see the museum or the gallery you always wanted to visit. Allow yourself a whole day to spend in the company of yourself, your tastes and your times without being accountable to anyone.

As Renzo Piano teaches: «A museum is a place to lose your mind". Here, lose yours and identify with that of the artist.

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Watch motivational movies

Useless bask in your own pain watching comedies of love in the name of happily ever after or masterpieces of romanticism that only exacerbate the malaise.

If you want to spend an evening at home on the sofa, stock up on movies that can cheer you up or offer you a virtual catharsis.

Any title? Sliding Doors, Thelma and Louise, The Positive Side, The War of the Roses, If You Leave Me I'll Cancel You.

Help others

Without the couple commitments that came from your boyfriend you will have a lot of extra free time, which you used to dedicate to your partner and now it would seem infinitely sad.

To volunteer, helping those less fortunate is not only useful to others, but it will do you good too to give you the right perspective on the really important things in life.

It will be a way to understand that what you have lost was not a treasure and that there are many other people, stories, situations that can enrich you.

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